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Glenfarclas 2008 Distillery Exclusive, OB, 64.1%, B:2019, cask 317, 656 bottles. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Thick, rich, floral, fruity, slightly grassy and malty, on stewed and dried fruits (orange and some exotic fruits), as well as cinnamon, leather, fudge, light grassy and aromatic flavours.
Taste: Young, smooth, malty, spirit, on new-make like flavours, oaky spices and vanilla. The finish is rather short, smooth and on the same flavours, as well as some green flavours.
Impression: A whisky with a nice, thick and fruity sherry nose, but tasted markedly younger, smoother. A nice sherry whisky, but that would have benefited from a longer maturation.
Rating: 11/20 FP:D1


Isle of Jura 1988 Statement 32, 30 YO, Blackadder, 50.2%, B:2019, 208 bottles. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Mineral, complex to very complex, slightly maritime, austere, with some heather, aromatic herbs, sea brine, old mineral oil and a touch of humus.
Taste: Mellow, very complex, with a mixture of old mineral oil, complex aromatic herbs, a very pleasant sea brine, a whiff of old peat smoke. The finish is long, very complex, slightly austere, earthy, salty, mineral, oily and aromatic, with all these flavour of old peat smoke, sea brine, mineral oil, earthy and aromatic herbs well balanced.
Impression: A symphony of complex and harmonious whisky flavours. Excellent.
Rating:  18/20 FP:C3


Millstone Special # 16 Oloroso/ PX Double Matured 2010, OB, 46%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, complex, elegant, slightly aromatic, with a lovely subtle and well balanced sherry influence, light malty flavours, some high grade leather, dried fruits (including orange), a touch of walnuts, and very good candied fruits.
Taste: Rich, balanced, slightly floral and nutty, on lovely high grade soft leather, nice candied and fruity flavours, sultanas and a touch of walnuts. The finish is long, subtle, elegant, very elegant and subtle, complex, on high grade soft leather, nice dried and candied fruits, light malty flavours, some orange, cinnamon and soft spices.
Impression: A delicious, elegant and complex whisky, with subtle high grade soft leather, candied and dried fruits.
Rating: 17/20 FP:E1


Caol Ila  2011, 8 YO, Asta Morris, 55.1%, B:2019, cask AM058, sherry, 245 bottles. Price:
Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Very peaty, mellow, round, tarry, meaty, on wet wood, damp peat smoke, some aromatic peat smoke with some hemp rope, tar and sea brine.
Taste: Very peaty, young, smooth, moderately floral, with some orange, tangerine, tar, seaweeds, iodine, camphor, sultanas and medicinal flavours. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes more rooty.
Impression: A young, very peaty, rich whisky, with some wet wood, tar, and medicinal flavours.
Rating: 16/20 FP:D7


Inchgower 1988, Scott’s selection, 56.1%, B:2007. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Round, oaky, slightly coastal and salty, on fudge, some toffee and vanilla.
Taste: Intense, oaky, slightly coastal, with a hint of smoke, some vanilla, a touch of tobacco and fudge. The finish is medium to long, intense, oaky, slightly coastal, with some fudge, hops, citrus peel, tobacco quid and a light bitterness, Rather spicy
Impression: Thank you Christian D.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1


Inchgower 1959 Dumpy, 17 YO, Cadenhead’s, 80 Proof, B:1977. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Light, coastal, salty, slightly mineral and dusty, with some humus, old wood, a hint of smoke, pine wax and a touch of eucalyptus.
Taste: Mineral, slightly waxy, mustardy, mustardy and dirty, with some humus, rusted iron, old wood, a touch of eucalyptus and bitter orange. The finish is medium, slightly mineral, dirty and aromatic, with some tree sap, eucalyptus, old smoke, cold ashes and a touch of orange peel. Diluted, it becomes slightly smokier and ashier.
Impression: An old dirty, slightly mineral and coastal whisky, with quite some old smoke and ash.
Rating: 14/20 FP:C2

07 Sep

Tayside, 5 YO, OB, 40%. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Smooth, floral to very floral, quite intense, slightly nutty and fragrant, with some caramel, treacle and light spices. Pretty good.
Taste: Grainy, very grassy, floral, slightly fragrant, on honey, a hint of smoke, some vanilla, orange and caramel. The finish medium, round, grainy, slightly nutty and floral, on caramel, some cooked apples, vanilla and a touch of honey. Diluted, it becomes slightly peppery.
Impression: A pleasant, round and floral blended whisky, with a nice mouth feel and some caramel. Good.
Rating: 11/20 FP:A1

05 Sep

Old Glenn Highland Malt, 5 YO, OB, 40%. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very smooth, grainy, slightly spicy, mineral, waxy and aromatic, with a hint of smoke and Mirabelle.
Taste: Very smooth, young, light, waxy, citric, slightly aromatic and mineral, with some mineral smoke and farmy flavours. The finish is medium, light, smooth, slightly waxy, aromatic, citric and spicy, with light farmy and smoky flavours.
Impression: A rather young whisky, smooth, that smells nice the old highland style of whisky, with a light peat smoke, wax, light farmy and mineral flavours.
Rating: 11/20 FP:A2

03 Sep

Highland Clan Special Reserve, 12 YO, OB, 40%, B :1970s. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Smoky, intense, complex, mineral, on old peat smoke, some ore, wax, light aromatic and austere flavours, and a touch of floral and honey.
Taste: Awful!!! Smells like very old goat cheese. The finish is long, intense to very intense, on old goat cheese that grew mouldy…
Impression: A very Special Reserve that I would not touch. And do not mix with Coke or ginger, as you waste your soft drink. One of my top 3 worst whisky ever. Could not keep it in my mouth very long…
Rating: 02/20 FP:A1


Glen Dowan Special Reserve, OB, 40%, B:1970s. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Very nutty, light, floral, smoky, dusty, on peanuts, some heather and a touch of spices.
Taste: Light to very light, malty, slightly creamy, on peanuts, some heather, spices and vanilla. The finish is medium, floral, fragrant, quite soapy, slightly smoky and aromatic, on peanuts, some chamomile, lime blossom and a hint of toffee.
Impression: A light highland malt, slightly smoky and dusty, with lots of peanuts. A correct whisky, but not flawless.
Rating:  09/20 FP:A2


Glendrostan (Longman distillers), OB, 40%, B:1980s. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Intense, smoky, peaty, light and slightly austere, with light aromatic flavours and a touch of heather. Taste like a peated highland malt.
Taste: Light, fresh, smoky, slightly peaty, tarry and ashy, on grain, with some citrus, pears, light aromatic flavours and bitter lemon. The finish is medium, light, slightly citric, smoky, peaty and aromatic, on grain, some pears, tar, spices and pepper.
Impression: A nice smoky, rather peaty and light whisky, with a noticeable influence of grain whisky and some aromatic and austere flavours. Pleasant.
Rating:  11/20 FP:A4


Fettercairn 1995, 17 YO, Douglas Laing, 48.4%, B:2014, Ref DL10024, 339 b. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Light, fresh, floral, fragrant, slightly bitter, on vanilla and light spices
Taste: Round, spicy to very spicy, floral, on almond, vanilla custard, some light grassy flavours as well as some light and fresh aromas (lavender?). The finish is medium, fresh, floral to very floral, slightly oaky, on light spices, vanilla, ginger, lavender, a twist of lemon, some hay and marzipan.
Impression: A very fresh and floral Fettercain, with nice aromas of almonds.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1


Glenburgie  2002, Spirit of Scotland, 46%, B:2013, cask 4780. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very sweet, smooth, malty to very malty, creamy, floral to very floral, on cereals, pear drops and some dry flowers.
Taste: Very sweet, smooth, malty, young, and on orchard’s fruits. The finish is short to medium, sweet, smooth, malty, slightly creamy and on orchard’s fruits.
Impression: A sweet, smooth and malty whisky, with fresh fruits from the orchards, with little wood influence. It taste rather young.
Rating: 10/20 FP:A1


Arran 18 YO, OB, 46%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose:  Smooth, mellow, sweet, malty, fruity, on candied fruits, orange, tangerine, vanilla, orchards fruits, some melon and honey. Well balanced.
Taste: Sweet, mellow, fruity, slightly spicy, on vanilla, quince, cooked orchard’s fruits, some peach, orange, tangerine, sultanas, a hint of cinnamon and smoke. The finish is medium, spicy to very spicy, on cloves, sultanas, cinnamon, peach, apple and pear pie, some nutmeg and vanilla.
Impression: A charming, sweet, malty and fruity Arran, with a rather spicy finish and a nice balance. Very good.
Rating: 15/20 FP:D1


Aberlour 19 YO for La Maison du Whisky 60th Anniversary, OB, 53.6%, B :2016, cask 5938. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Smooth, mellow, round, on fruitcake, honey, rose, orange, tangerine, some cinnamon, beeswax, leather and precious wood. Although it is a first fill sherry, the influence of the sherry is subtle and rather light.
Taste: Rich, spicy to very spicy, floral, slightly peppery and fragrant, on red berries (strawberries, raspberries and huckleberries), leather, orange, honey, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, Christmas cake, candied fruits and a few drops of grapefruits. The finish is short to medium, mellow, rather dry, tannic and winey, on grapes, dates, figs, sultanas, cherries (“Grillottes), dark berries, leather, some rubber and honey.
Impression: A whisky with a strong sherry influence on the palate, with heavy tannins, leather, spices and thick fruity flavours, while the nose is light, rich and fruity.
Rating: 15/20 FP:J1


Highland Park 1973 for Binnys Chicago, OB, 54.5%, B:2006. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose:  Fragrant, intense, round, slightly bitter, on heather, aromatic herbs, eucalyptus, orange, roasted coffee beans and cocoa.
Taste: Aromatic, subtle, mellow, complex, on eucalyptus, orange, tangerine, some thyme, heather and other aromatic herbs, cocoa and leather. It becomes smoother over time. The finish is long, complex, subtle, with a light peat smoke, heather honey, light aromatic flavours, orange, tangerine, cinnamon, cloves, some cocoa and thyme.
Impression: I read many positive comments about this whisky and I was glad to have finally the chance to taste it. The initially impression was a slight deception, as it was rather bitter and astringent, but then you keep it for several minutes on your palate, the fragrance disappears and allows nice and rich fruity-smoky-aromatic flavours to develop with elegance.
Rating: 17/20 FP:H3


Highland Park 1989  The Ultimate, 22 YO, Van Wees, 46%, B:2011, cask 11896. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Rich, intense, fruity, sweet, slightly smoky, on heather honey, orange, tangerine, heather and peat smoke, mild spices and some humus.
Taste: Rich, intense, aromatic, slightly salty, on orange, tangerine, heather, some fudge, eucalyptus and aromatic herbs. The finish is medium to long, thick, intense, bitter, slightly aromatic, moderately smoky on heather, roasted coffee beans, some cocoa, orange, marmalade, peat smoke and burnt sugar.
Impression: A good Highland Park, intense, on heather and a pleasant thick sherry influence.
Rating: 14/20 FP:E3


Machrie Moor 2016, OB, 58.5%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Sweet, malty to very malty, floral, on aromatic peat smoke and toffee
Taste: Sweet to very sweet (new make sweetness), very malty, young to very young, slightly creamy, on aromatic peat smoke, vanilla and some dough. The finish is medium, sweet, young, malty, on vanilla, aromatic peat smoke and a new-make sweetness.
Impression: This version seems younger than the previous editions, with a strong new-make like influence. Too young for me.
Rating: 09/20 FP:A6


Laphroaig Lore, OB, 48%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Pale gold-gold
Nose: Smooth, mellow, peaty, smoky, maritime to very maritime, slightly mineral, and oaky, on seaweeds, iodine, sea brine and some vanilla. The peat smoke is complex and subtle. With light notes of bacon
Taste: Smooth, mellow, maritime, phenolic, moderately peaty, on a maritime, salty peat smoke with seaweeds, some tar, ashes and soot. The finish is medium to long, salty, maritime, slightly phenolic, tarry and medicinal, on liquorice root and some vanilla.
Impression: A marriage of Laphroaig of different ages (from approximately 7-8 to 20 years old). The peat is not as expressive as in the versions with age statements, but it is lingering, complex and maritime. It is also less oaky than the core expressions, but I like this style very much.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A5


Old Pulteney 35 YO, OB, 42.5%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Mellow, salty, slightly smoky, malty and creamy,  on grapefruit, with some sweet sherry influence (tangerine and orange), and dried fruits. Balanced
Taste: Salty, citric, mellow, complex, with some grapefruit, pink grapefruits, tangerine, sea brine, sultanas, Christmas cake spices, heather honey and light aromas of cocoa. Subtle and elegant. The finish is medium, on pralines, sea salt, sea brine, rather sweet pink grapefruits, with some tangerine, mild spices (cinnamon, ginger and a few others), dried fruits and leather.
Impression: A very pleasant Old Pulteney, elegant, subtle, combining sea salt aromas with citrus, some leather and spices, all of them well balanced. Very good but rather weak. With more intensity, it would have scored certainly higher.
Rating: 16/20 FP:D2


Tormore 1995, 18 YO, Signatory, 43%, cask 3881/3882. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very smooth and creamy, malts, floral, on vanilla, liquid honey, and fresh light flowers at the end of spring, with maybe some almonds. Very good.
Taste: Light, fresh, oaky, floral, fragrant, slightly bitter and creamy, on dry tobacco leaves, hay, vanilla some straw and almonds. The finish is medium, creamy, fresh, slightly malty and floral, on vanilla, some vanilla custard, hay and almonds.
Impression: A whisky difficult to rate. The nose was lovely, smooth and floral, while it was rather bitter and fragrant on the palate, and with a pleasant smooth finish on vanilla. Thank you John.
Rating: 12/20 FP:A1


Tormore 1992, 22 YO, Warehouse 8, 57.1%,  484 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very smooth and floral, fresh, on vanilla, with some light notes quince, Mirabelle, tobacco and fudge. Gentle.
Taste: Light, very floral and fragrant, gentle, with light notes of vanilla and quince, and a hint of smoke. The finish is medium, floral, fragrant, with light notes of vanilla and quince gelly. Very smooth
Impression: A very smooth, floral and fragrant Tormore. Flawless.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A1


Tormore 1966, 16 YO, Samaroli, 57%. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Intense, very rich, balanced, complex, floral, slightly fragrant, on tannins, orange, tangerine, some cinnamon, nutmeg and balsamic vinegar. An old style of sherry whisky.
Taste: Floral to very floral, dry, slightly tannic, bitter, fragrant, woody, spicy, intense, rich, thick, on balsamic vinegar, cocoa, roasted coffee beans, clove, over-infused black tea, orange, orange peat, tangerine, on old leather and some dried meat. The finish is long, thick, syrupy, malty, floral, round, on leather, old leather, cocoa, orange, some roasted coffee beans, orange peel, tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cocoa.
Impression: An excellent old style and dry sherried whisky, with a fair dose of tannins and leather. It is really good, but some old Glen Grant or Macallan from the same period are at least as good as this one.
Rating: 18/20 FP:G1


Brora 1980, 22 YO, Clan des Malts (Ian Mcleod), 51%, B:2002, cask 823. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Farmy, slightly austere, smoky and peaty, on stable, moderately peaty and farmy smoke, some oak spices, and a few aromatic herbs.
Taste: Farmy to very farmy, peaty, smoky, with some sea brine, stable, peat smoke, wax, dried fruits, some peach, grass and wax. Very good and rather complex. Diluted, it becomes mellower. The finish is long, waxy, farmy, moderately peaty and grassy, with some air-dry meat, stables, peat smoke, some aromatic herbs and a light coastal influence.
Impression: It is not often that one can taste a Brora from the 1980. This is a rather rare vintage and on the nose, it is close to the 1981 style, but on the palate, it farmy and quite peaty, close the 1978 style, i.e., moderately peaty. A “dirty” style of Brora, and very good.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A4


Daftmill 2006 Summer batch, OB, 46%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Dirty, malty, spicy, round to very round, on round malty flavours, some grist, cooked apples, some dirty peat smoke.
Taste: Malty, slightly spicy, dirty and smoky, with some mineral smoke, mirabelle, quince jelly and stewed orchard fruits. The finish is medium, malty, slightly smoky and Mirabelle, on Mirabelle and quince jelly.
Impression: A nice juicy, oaky and slightly smoky whisky. Well made.
Rating: 14/20 FP:B3


Glenmorangie Spios, OB, 46%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Smooth to very smooth, malty, rather round, peppery, on rye spices, some fresh vanilla and light malty flavours.
Taste: Smooth, sweet, slightly spicy and pepper, with some honey, juicy oaky and malty flavours, as well as some apricots. The finish is medium, spicy, peppery, slightly oaky, juicy and fruity, on rye spices and some light sweet fruity flavours. Diluted, it becomes softer.
Impression: A good Glenmorangie, with some nice peppery flavours from the rye. Different from the traditional products, but I like it.
Rating: 12/20 FP:A1


Sailing Sea Gull Islay Single Malt, Slowdrink (Regensburger Whisky- & Weinclub), 50.4%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very smooth, round, mellow, fruity, peat, smoky, slightly maritime, on dried fruits, an elegant peat smoke, some tar, burnt wood, orange and tangerine.
Taste: Salty, rich, fruity to very fruity, maritime, on dry and maritime peat smoke, sea salt, some iodine and camphor. The finish is medium to long, with rather sweet fruity flavours, on dry and slightly tarry peat smoke, orange, some camphor, bandages and rooty flavours.
Impression: A nicely balanced Bowmore, rather maritime, slightly medicinal, on dried fruits and some clean, dry and slightly tarry peat smoke. From a vatting of sherry, bourbon and rum casks.
Rating: 16/20 FP:F5


Bowmore 1966 Old Malt Cask, 35 YO, Douglas Laing, 44%. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Very fruity, with lots of grapefruits, on passion fruits, mango, some guava, sea brine, and a hint of eucalyptus and peat smoke.
Taste: Citric, fruity, salty, maritime, on mango, passion fruits and grapefruits. Rather citric. The finish is medium, fruity, citric, slightly woody, on grapefruits, some passion fruits and mango, with a hint of peat smoke and tobacco smoke. Diluted, it becomes slightly more maritime and on grapefruits.
Impression: A Bowmore initially on a mixture of tropical fruits and passion fruits, and becoming more citric (mainly grapefruits) and slightly woody on the finish. Very good, even if it is not the best Bowmore 1966 I have tasted.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A3


Bowmore 18 YO Manzanilla Vintner’s Trilogy, OB, 52,5%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Clean, intense, peaty, smoky, slightly maritime, on light winey flavours, some dried fruits, grapes, and berries. The finish is long, peaty, smoky, aromatic, with some oak spices, slightly aromatic peat smoke and some sweet and dried fruits.
Taste: Sweet, peaty, smoky, salty, on nice juicy grapes, some blueberries, sultanas, peat smoke, sea brine, light oaky flavours and seaweeds. The finish is medium to long, sweet, sugary, slightly smoky, peaty and maritime, on nice sweet grapes and winey flavours.
Impression: A nice, sweet, smoky, moderately peaty and maritime Bowmore, with a sweet and sugary fruity influence from the Manzanilla. With the exception of Kavalan, few propose Manzanilla matured or finished whiskies,
Rating: 15/20 FP:G4


Glenugie 1980, 30 YO, Dun Bheagan, 50%, cask 5375, 506 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Oaky, malty, rather light and smooth, with some light grassy notes
Taste: Smooth, grassy, soapy, herbal, malty, with some ginger and varnish. Diluted, it becomes citrusier. The finish is medium, grassy, on herbs, some citrus and a hint of pine wax.
Impression: A correct Glenugie, without any obvious flaws, but rather one-dimensional. Difficult to guess this was from a sherry butt.
Rating: 12/20 FP:C1


Benriach 1966 Book of Kells, 50 YO, Gordon & MacPhail, 54.3%, B:2016. cask 606. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Very mellow, rich, on precious wood, cinnamon, mango, papaya, some exotic fruits, vanilla, heather and a light peat smoke. With time, it becomes fruitier.
Taste: Very fruity, slightly bitter, woody and aromatic, on cinnamon, eucalyptus, some camphor, mango, papaya, banana, heather, red and black currant and myrtle. The finish is long, complex, rich, aromatic, on aromatic herbs, eucalyptus, exotic fruits, leather, red and black currant and myrtle. Diluted, it becomes rather aromatic, tannic and woody and with more round leather.
Impression: A very old Benriach from the first year of distillation after its mothball due to the Pattison’s crash in the early 1900s. A mixture of round fruity flavours and more aromatic flavours. Very good and better drank neat, as water enhances the tannins and the woody influence.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G1


Mortlach 1990, 18 YO, Wilson & Morgan, 56.8%, B:2008, cask 4422. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very smooth, rich, pleasant, vegetal, very spicy, slightly rubbery and floral, on leather, tannins, fudge, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, treacle, some fresh rubber, orange and orange peel.
Taste: Rich, spicy, slightly salty, rubbery, vegetal to very vegetal, leather, tannins, orange, marmalade and cloves. The finish is medium, rich to very rich, rubbery, round, on thick leather, tannins, some sea brine, marmalade and pineapples. With some dry nutty retro-olfaction.
Impression: A very round and sherry whisky, rather rubbery.
Rating: 12/20 FP:G1


Mortlach 1991 30th Anniversary, 27 YO, Signatory, 51.7%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Round, elegant, spicy, floral, slightly meaty, on dried fruits, nice round flavours of fudge, precious wood, sultanas and some figs. Very good, complex and well balanced.
Taste: Very round, thick, floral, chewy, on dried fruits, sultanas, figs, some meaty-rubbery flavours, toffee, fudge, orange, some mango and pineapples. Complex. The finish is long, round, chewy, floral, slightly tannic and bitter, on leather, dried fruits, some meaty-rubbery flavours, toffee, blueberries, and roasted coffee beans.
Impression: A very nice round, thick Mortlach, on heavy sherry notes, leather, orange, dried fruits and a mixture of light meaty-rubbery flavours.
Rating: 16/20 FP:H1


Bunnahabhain 1978 30th Anniversary, 40 YO, Signatory, 47.8%, B:2018, cask 2587. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very mellow, round, slightly maritime, well balanced, on orange, sultanas, some tangerine, seaweeds, sea spray, lacquer, round leather, and a touch of smoke.
Taste: Mellow, balanced, rich, fruity, slightly maritime, on tangerine, some leather, orange, mango, sea spray, tobacco leaves, cinnamon, and a touch of smoke. The finish is long, mellow, moderately fruity and fresh, slightly salty, with some leather, fudge, sultanas, sea spray, toffee, tangerine and orange. Diluted, it becomes spicier, slightly tannic and bitter, and with red currant.
Impression: A very good, mellow, well balanced, with a nice moderate sweet fruitiness and maritime influence. With a very pleasant mouth feel and soft spices.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G2


Mortlach “green bottle”, 40%, B: 1980s. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Grassy, smooth, juicy and sweet, with slight floral and honey notes. Light and with limited cask influence.
Taste: Sweet, sugary, grassy, floral to floral, with some herbal influence, verbena, and honey. The finish is medium, sweet, grassy, slightly smoky and spicy, with some ginger, a hint of tobacco leaves and a slight bitterness.
Impression: A light, floral, grassy and rather spicy Mortlach, slightly weak, with a very influence from the oak cask. A correct Mortlach, but rather simple and easy drinking.
Rating: 11/20 FP:B1


Mortlach 1995 Magic from the Wee Witchie 76.93, 16 YO, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 55.8%, B:2012, 584 bottles. Price:
Colour: Old gold.
Nose: Very smooth, sweet, rich, on toffee, chocolate, spicy, Christmas cake, Glühwein spices, tangerines and oranges.
Taste: Very spicy, intense, rich, sweet, floral to very floral,  on toffee,  sour berries, a hint of smoke, ginger, some cough sirup and eucalyptus, as well as light fruity notes.
Impression: The nose was very smooth, rich and with intense sherry notes, while the sherry influence disappeared on the palate. A nice balanced and complex whisky.
Rating: 15/20 FP:C1


Mortlach 1995, 19 YO, A.D. Rattray, 55.9%, B:2014, cask 3405, 243 bottles. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very floral, round, smooth, with a slight sweetness and spices, a few drops of slightly sour berries and a hint of eucalyptus.
Taste: Floral to very floral, fragrant, with some some sour berries, eucalyptus, jasmine, geranium, oak spices and vanilla as well. The
Impression: A good, fresh, floral and intense Mortlach, well made and close to the 76.115.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1


Mortlach 1995  76.115 Glamping in a Yurt, 18 YO, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 56.5%, B: 2013. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Very floral, fresh, oaky, rather round, with lots of vanilla, some fragrance and a few drops of slightly sour berries.
Taste: Fresh, oaky, floral to very floral, fragrant, with some berries, a touch of ginger, some wood spices, a hint of eucalyptus, as well as light touch of geranium. The finish is medium, fresh, floral to very floral, slightly sweet  (new make) and fragrant.
Impression: A good, fresh, floral and intense Mortlach, with some sour berries and fragrance.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1


Caol Ila 1974 Private Bottling, 24 YO, Signatory, 60.5%. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very peaty, smoky, maritime, tarry, slightly oaky, with lots of dried seaweeds, peat smoke, tar, some soot, mineral oil, citrus, kippers and light meaty flavours. Very intense.
Taste: Very intense and peaty, oaky, smoky, maritime, citric, on an intense peat smoke, tar, hemp rope, seaweeds and citrus. The finish is long, intense, peaty to very peaty, intense, tarry to very tarry, maritime, on seaweeds and some citrus. With time, it becomes slightly drier, with some gentian and some roots.
Impression: A very peaty and intense Caol Ila, rather tarry and slightly dry. Excellent!
Rating: 18/20 FP:A8


Clynelish 1997 Chewy Pineapples Crisps, Wemyss Malts, 46.0%, B: 2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Fresh, intense, waxy, slightly malty, on hay, vanilla, some citrus, beeswax, candied pineapples and mustard seeds. Nicely balanced and round.
Taste: Smooth to very smooth, floral, on nice round malty flavours, vanilla, some citrus, pineapples, beeswax and a touch of smoke. The finish is medium, smooth, round, floral, and moderately waxy, with some vanilla, beeswax, citrus, and candied pineapples. Diluted, it becomes more on candied pineapples and citrus.
Impression: A nice, very smooth, moderately waxy and nice floral flavours.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A1


Scotch Whiskey 1885 imported via London for M.E. Bellowss Son New York, B:1890. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Dusty, humid, mouldy, on moss, strong mouldy flavours, walnuts, and a hint of smoke. Something went wrong with the cork or the cask?
Taste: Mellow, mouldy, on wet wood, mushrooms, ferns, some peat smoke and nutty flavours. The finish is medium and on the same flavours.
Impression: A rather mouldy and nutty whisky bottled for the US. An issue with the cask? More interesting from a historical value than from a sensory point of view.
Rating: 10/20 FP:F3


Balblair 10 YO, Gordon & MacPhail, 100 Proof, B:1970s. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Fatty, bold, floral, rich, fruity, on stewed fruits, honey, round floral flavours, some dried exotic fruits, honey and orange.
Taste: Bold, rich, intense, floral, on honey, dried fruits, orange blossom, vanilla, some oaky spices, light flora flavours, as well as some tobacco smoke and a touch of peat. The finish is medium to long, rather oaky, with some dried and stewed fruits, vanilla and honey.
Impression: A nice, rich, bold and floral Balblair, on honey and rather oaky flavours.
Rating: 14/20  FP:F2


L’Oubli, Michel Couvreur, 43.41%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Rich, bold, fatty, spicy, floral, on a combination of nice dry fino sherry, sweet wine, bold floral leather, rich spices and a good intensity. Powerful.
Taste: Sweet, dry, oaky, soapy, floral, on a mixture of sweet wine, dry oaky flavours and floral flavours. Rather unbalanced. The finish is long, winey, floral, sweet, on honey, sweet wine, some dry fino flavours, bold waxy flavours, vanilla and a touch of dry oaky flavours.
Impression: A whisky with a nice, rich, bold and fatty nose, with a lovely balanced between the fino and the sweet wine. However, on the palate, these flavours are rather unbalanced. Matured for 1 year in an ex-fino cask, followed by 9 years in a Gaillac sweet wine (Le Vin de l’oubli).
Rating: 13/20 FP:G1


Benriach 1990, 28 YO, Single malts of Scotland, 48.2%, B: 2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral, spicy, intense, with some grist, pepper, round and mellow floral flavours, vanilla and a touch of smoke.
Taste:  Round to very round, floral, slightly fragrant, smoky and fruity, on oak spices, fragrant floral flavours, some quince, apricots, peach, vanilla and honey. The finish is medium to long, mellow, floral, slightly fragrant, oaky and spicy, on vanilla, heather honey and a touch of sweet and slightly thin exotic fruits.
Impression: A good and mellow Benriach, with some pollen, vanilla and thin but enjoyable fruity flavours. Seems slightly tired.
Rating: 13/20 FP:A2


Clynelish 12 YO Bi-colour label for Di Chiano, OB, 43%, B:1973. Price:
Colour: Pale Gold
Nose: Waxy, mineral, austere, citric, complex, on citrus, pink grapefruits some mango, mineral oil, soot, and a touch of camphor. Very good.
Taste: Smoky, austere, mineral, rooty, dry, rather complex, on candied orange, tangerine, grapefruits, camphor, sea brine, mineral oil and a hint of chamomile. The finish is long, waxy, mineral, citric, on dry roots, mineral oil, austere and slightly peaty smoke, citrus (mainly fresh grapefruits), some soot, flint stone, dry smoke and candied oranges, with a few drops of mango. Diluted, it becomes lighter, more citric, mineral, and more farmy.
Impression: An excellent, mineral, light, citric old Clynelish, with nice austere and slightly mineral flavours.
Rating: 18/20 FP:C2


Highland Park 1959 Dumpy, 21 YO, 43%, B:1980. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Mellow, rich, complex to very complex, fruity, moderately smoky, on a nice slightly dry and aromatic peat smoke, heather honey, dried fruits, some exotic fruits, tar, soot and seabrine.
Taste: Very complex, rich, mellow, peats, smoky, on a lovely old fashioned peat smoke, some aromatic smoke, soot, light mineral flavours, tangerine, orange, heather honey, exotic fruits, high grade leather. The finish is very long, complex, with a delicious balanced between a moderate, aromatic and complex peat smoke and nice sweet fruity flavours, softened by heather honey, and dried fruits. Diluted, it becomes slightly more rooty, mineral and sooty.
Impression: Simply excellent. A delicious old style of Highland Park, with a complex and slightly aromatic and mineral peat smoke, heather honey and various fruity flavours.
Rating: 19/20 FP:E3


Lagavulin 1978 white label, Cadenhead’s, 63.6%, cask 15. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Smoky to very smoky, complex to very complex, peaty, on seaweeds, medicinal flavours, an elegant and complex peat smoke, some iodine, camphor, peat smoke and tar.
Taste: Sharp, peaty, smoky, on bonfire,.. and let’s quickly add some water as the alcohol becomes burning… Diluted, it is very smoky, citric, peaty, rooty, maritime, on an elegant and complex peat smoke, fresh citrus, bonfire smoke, various medicinal flavours and some seaweed. The finish is long, maritime, very smoky, peaty, citric, elegant, on seaweed, camphor, peat smoke, some tar, sooty and citrus.
Impression: Tasted neat, one feels the alcohol burn. Diluted, it reveals to be a nice, elegant, very smoky and maritime Lagavulin, with some citrus and medicinal flavours.
Rating: 17/20 FP:A6


Yoichi 1987 for LMDW, 23 YO, OB, 59%, B: 2010, cask 112814. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Peaty, complex, mellow, rather soft and floral, on a nice peat smooth and floral peat smoke, shoe polish, light dried fruits flavours, some vanilla. The balance and smoothness is impressive.
Taste: Very smooth and balanced, rich, clean, fruity, slightly oaky and spicy, on soft floral flavours, lacquer, dried fruits, vanilla, oak spices, a hint of ginger. The finish is medium to long, slightly smoky and peaty, and on the same flavours.
Impression: An excellent, smooth, well balanced and harmonious Yoichi, with well integrated vanilla and dried fruits flavours. Seems to have well improved since I tasted it for the first time 10 years ago.
Rating: 17/20 FP:C2


Highland Park 1977 Ping 2 for Juul’s, 28 YO, OB, 52.3%, B:2005, cask 7959. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, complex to very complex, floral, on leather, dried fruits, a light peat smoke, lacquer, precious wood, tangerine, orange, cinnamon, some nutmeg, cloves, heather honey and sea brine. Excellent.
Taste: Rich, complex to very complex, floral, spicy, on dried fruits, nuts, sea brine, heather honey, orange, tangerine, lacquer, precious wood, leather, cinnamon, tannins, and a touch of peat smoke. The finish is long, complex, round, with lots of dried fruits, and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes more on honey, orange, tangerine and soft spices.
Impression: An excellent rich, complex, intense Highland Park, with a lovely of balance between the dried fruits, leather and honey flavours.
Rating: 18/20 FP:G2


Imperial 1996, 21 YO, Thompson Brothers, 44.8%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Fresh, grassy, floral, slightly malty, on freshly ground malt, orchards fruits, some light round oaky spices and nice grassy flavours.
Taste: Complex, fruity, moderately spicy, nicely malty, with a nice combination of fresh and mellow fruity and fruity flavours, grassy flavours and fresh orchards fruits. The finish is long, complex, fresh, fruity and well balanced, on orchards fruits, grassy flavours, a touch of honey and vanilla.
Impression: A very nice, fresh, fruity and nicely grassy Imperial. Very enjoyable  and well made. I enjoyed it very much! Thank you Simon and Phil.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A1


Springbank 1968 Age of Monography, 20 YO, Samaroli, 50%, B: 1980s. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very complex, mellow, rich, smoky, nicely peaty and maritime, slightly tarry, with light aromatic herbs, some exotic fruits, coconut sea brine, peat smoke, iodine, and a touch of soot. Very good.
Taste: Intense, complex, salty, peaty, on citrus, tar, coconut, dried exotic fruits, aromatic herbs, some quinine, camphor, soot, tar, sea brine and figs. The finish is long, complex, fruity, citric, with a nice citric and slightly mineral and maritime peat smoke, some aromatic herbs, pink grapefruits and soot. Diluted, it becomes saltier.
Impression: An excellent, rich, complex and citric Springbank, with nice light exotic fruits.
Rating: 18/20 FP:D4


Highland Park 1980 Park Avenue Liquors, 24 YO, OB, 58%, B:2004, cask 7366. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Floral, rubbery to very rubbery, intense, on vegetal condiment, fresh rubber, orange, lacquer and dried fruits.
Taste: Floral to very floral, rubbery to very rubbery, salty, moderately vegetal, on fresh and burnt rubber, smoke, stewed and dried fruits, cloves, floral and slightly fragrant flavours, as well some tannins and leather. The finish is long, mellow, on dried fruits, heather honey, leather, tannins, spices and some burnt rubber.
Impression: A rich, intense, floral and rubbery Highland Park. A good one, but the rubbery flavours are slightly too much for me.
Rating: 15/20 FP:H2


Highland Park 1979 Ambassadors Cask 4, 29 YO, OB, 56.1%, B:2008, cask 4123/A. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Mellow to very mellow, floral, round, slightly vegetal, on leather, sultanas, dried fruits, orange, some vegetal condiment and heather honey.
Taste: Oaky, intense, floral, with sea brine, vanilla, heather honey, honey and soft floral flavours. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours.
Impression: A nice round, smooth Highland Park, with nice sea brine and a fair amount of honey and soft floral flavours.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A2


Highland Park 1991 for Texas- The Lone Star State, 14 YO, OB, 56.7%, B:2006. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Rich, round to very round, floral, very fruity, slightly vegetal, on lovely stewed and dried fruits, toffee, sultanas, orange, cinnamon, some nutmeg, treacle and honey. Very good.
Taste: Rich, floral, intense, round, floral, slightly oaky and rubbery, on tannins, leather, treacle, dried fruits, tangerine, orange, spices, some cloves, nutmeg, marmelade, nutmeg and burnt rubber. The finish is long, round to very round, slightly oaky, on toffee, dried fruits, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and some cloves), toffee, round floral flavours. Diluted, it becomes more rubbery.
Impression: A very nice Highland, on round sherry flavours, dried fruits and some rubber.
Rating: 15/20 FP:G1


Highland Park 1996 Ambassadors cask 2, 10 YO, OB, 58.8%, B:2006. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Rubbery to very rubbery, vegetal, floral, on burnt rubber and tyres, tannins, cloves and orange.
Taste: Very rubbery, salty, round, fresh, slightly oaky, on oak spices, light winey flavours, dried fruits, orange, some rubber and lacquer. The finish is medium, winey, rubbery, round, slightly floral and salty, on bitter orange, some lacquer, leather and rubber.
Impression: A rather rubbery, round and salty Highland Park. Not an easy one.
Rating: 14/20 FP:H1


Highland Park 1973 for Nuance Group, 35 YO, OB, 49.6%, B:2008, cask 6194. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Rich, mellow, slightly smoky, peaty, floral, complex, on nice worn leather flavours, sea brine, sultanas, orange, tangerine, cinnamon, some cocoa and light oaky flavours.
Taste: Intense, floral, slightly oaky and winey, on dried fruits, tannins, cocoa, leather, heather honey, light grassy flavours and cocoa. The finish is long, rich, spicy, floral, mellow, complex, with lovely dried fruits, leather, orange, some tangerine, cocoa, and cinnamon.
Impression: A lovely, round, mellow whisky, on leather and plenty of dried fruits.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G2


Ardbeg 1975 Hand bottled for France, OB, 45.2%, B:1999, cask 4702. Price:
Colour:  Amber
Nose: Delicious!! With excellent peaty, maritime, complex, balanced and fruity flavours, on a maritime and medicinal peat smoke, seaweeds, some camphor, iodine, cocoa, leather, orange, tangerine, precious wood and soft spices. Stunning.
Taste: Very complex, citric, salty, maritime, medicinal, on seaweeds, old furniture, old maritime peat smoke, iodine, camphor, bandages, tangerine, some citrus, cocoa and leather. The finish is long, peaty, maritime, smoky, slightly tannic, on bonfire smoke, peat smoke, seaweeds, some iodine, orange, tangerine, cocoa, grapefruit,
Impression: The nose was simply stunning, with a gorgeous mixture of maritime peat smoke, medicinal flavour and fruity flavours. On the palate, it is nicely maritime, medicinal and citric, with some tannin. Slightly thinner on the palate than expected from the nose.
Rating: 18/20 FP:G6


Highland Park 1974 Ambassadors Cask 5, 34 YO, OB, 41.5%, B:2008, cask 8845. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Rich, mellow, balanced, complex, slightly floral, with some heather honey, sultanas, dried fruits, including orange and tangerine. Close to the cask 3, but sweeter and fruitier.
Taste: Very round, balanced, rather soft, on nice and rich heather honey flavours, some orange, tangerine, light oaky, grassy and vanilla flavours. Diluted, it becomes smokier and with some cocoa and roasted coffee beans. The finish is rather long, mellow, fruity and on the same flavours.
Impression: A lovely, rich, sweet and fruity Highland Park, mellow, and with pleasant dried fruits and cocoa flavours.
Rating: 17/20 FP:D3


Highland Park 1974 Ambassadors Cask 3, 33 YO, OB, 44.8%, B:2007, cask 9035. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Rich, complex, elegant, moderately mellow and floral, slightly smoky, with some heather, vanilla, sea brine, grassy and aromatic herbs. Very good!
Taste: Rich, intense, floral, complex, slightly oaky, fresh and grassy, with light aromatic smoke, heather honey, some bitter herbs, vanilla, citrus and a hint of liquorice roots. The finish is medium to long, intense, fresh, floral, slightly zesty and oaky, on oaky spices, some heather honey and citrus. Diluted, it becomes more on pollen.
Impression: A very nice, mellow, floral, slightly soft Highland Park with nice heather honey and vanilla flavours.
Rating: 17/20 FP:B2



Highland Park 25 YO, OB, 50.7%, B:2000s. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose:  Flora, slightly dry, peaty and smoky, with some tar, peat smoke, heather honey, vanilla and light oaky flavours. More oaky, drier and on vanilla than the 2000.
Taste: Fresh, intense, smoky, moderately oaky, slightly floral, on heather, some vanilla, dry peat smoke, light grassy and aromatic herbs. The finish is medium to long, oaky, rather dry, slightly floral, with some heather, aromatic herbs, sea brine, vanilla and dry spices.
Impression: A very good Highland Park, that might have suffered from the comparison with the excellent 2000 bottling, more dry and less complex.
Rating: 15/20 FP:D2


Highland Park 25 YO Gold Label, OB, 51.5%, B:2000. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Rich, smoky, complex, moderately peaty, on a very nice peat smoke, some tar, cocoa, orange, tangerine, sea brine, heather honey, sultanas and exotic fruits. Lovely.
Taste: Complex, rich, intense, moderately fruity and sweet, on lovely exotic fruits, tangerine, orange, light grassy flavours, heather honey and some peat smoke. The finish is long to very long and on the same flavours. Excellent.
Impression: A delicious, rich, well balanced and complex Highland Park, with lovely moderate sherry flavours.
Rating: 18/20 FP:G3


Highland Park 1956 Dumpy, 20 YO, 43%, B:1976. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Aromatic, rather dry, on bitter aromatic herbs, peat smoke, genepi (alp herbs liqueur), some grassy and heather honey flavours. Rather different from the other one.
Taste: Grassy, oily, aromatic, slightly dry, with some dry aromatic and slightly bitter herbs, rather dry peat smoke, light mineral flavours, marmalade and cocoa. The finish is long, complex, rather aromatic and dry, slightly bitter, with cocoa, bitter orange, some tannins, leathers and tangerine. Diluted, it becomes rather rooty.
Impression: A rather drier bottling than the other one. From a different batch or a different maturation in the bottle?
Rating: 17/20 FP:F3


Highland Park 1956 Dumpy for Ferrareto, 20 YO, OB (James Grant), 43%, B:1976. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Rich, very complex, aromatic, fruity, peaty, on lovely heather honey, nice rather aromatic peat smoke, orange, some dried fruits, humus and grassy flavours. Excellent.
Taste: Peaty, smoky, fruity, aromatic, rooty, grassy, on very nice balanced heather honey and grassy flavours, mineral and slightly rooty peat smoke, some humus, stewed fruits, aromatic herbs, orange, tangerine and light mineral and nutty flavours. Delicious. The finish is long, complex, sooty, grassy, oily, well-balanced, oily, tangerine, orange, heather honey, some soot, humus and nutty flavours.
Impression: A deliciously complex, well-balanced, rich, fruity and grassy whisky, with nice aromatic herbs and heather honey.
Rating:  19/20 FP:G3


Highland Park 1984 The Ambassador Cask, 56.1%, B:2005, cask 43. Price:
Colour:  Old gold
Nose: Rich, thick, intense, syrupy, on leather, tannins, sultanas, dried fruits, orange, some tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg, lacquer, precious wood and cocoa. Rather heavy on the sherry, but not tannic.
Taste: Intense, rich, complex, rather thick, on tannins, cocoa, sultanas, dried fruits, some precious wood, exotic fruits, heather and tannins. The finish is long, rich, syrupy, rather heavy, slightly tannic and rubbery, on cinnamon, marmalade, some cocoa, roasted coffee beans, cloves, heather honey, lacquer and dried fruits.
Impression: A rather heavily sherried Highland Park, spicy, on tannins, dried fruits and marmalade.
Rating: 17/20 FP:H2


Highland Park 1983 for LMDW, 22 YO, OB, 56.8%, B: 2002, cask 1094. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Rich, smoky, complex, intense, moderately peaty, rather sweet and fruity, on heather honey, peat smoke, some tangerine, orange, exotic fruits and dried fruits. Very good!
Taste: Rich, floral, intense, spicy, aromatic, on a rather dry and tarry peat smoke, heather honey, tangerine, marmalade, orange, cinnamon, some nutmeg, cloves and coffee beans, and a touch of high grade rubber. The finish is long, rich, rather dry, slightly floral, aromatic and smoky, with some peat smoke, marmalade, aromatic herbs, heather, nuts, cinnamon and cloves.
Impression: A very good intense, smoky and rich Highland Park, with a lovely sweet and fruity nose, but more aromatic, drier and slightly bitter on the palate. Interestingly, on the bottle label, the cask was discharged in 2002 but on the box, it is mentioned 22 years old. I guess the label carries the correct information.
Rating: 17/20 FP:F2


Caol Ila 1968, Gordon & MacPhail, 58.6%. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Balanced, peaty to very peaty, tarry, slightly citric and fruity, on bandages, old smoke, peat smoke, medicinal flavours, some BBQ, tangerine, citrus, seaweeds, iodine, sea salt, seashells. Strongly maritime.
Taste: Very intense, peaty, smoky, tarry, citric, on peat smoke, citrus, lemon peel, tar, some soot, liquorice, seaweeds and medicinal flavours. The finish is long, very intense, citric, powerful, dry, smoky, salty, maritime, tarry, bitter and slightly medicinal, on hemp rope, grapefruit and lemon.
Impression: A very intense, dry, peaty, and citric Caol Ila, with a lovely complex, dry, maritime and rather medicinal peat smoke. Lovely.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A7


Longrow 1974, 18 YO, Wilson & Morgan, 46%. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very complex and peaty, elegant, mineral, well-balanced, sea brine, seaweeds, some camphor and aromatic flavours. Excellent.
Taste: Complex, peaty to very peaty, tarry, moderately maritime, medicinal, aromatic and rooty, slightly citric, on a very elegant medicinal and tarry peat smoke, aromatic herbs, candied pink grapefruit, a touch of vanilla and heather. Diluted, it becomes saltier. The finish is long and on the same flavours.
Impression: A very complex, elegant and peaty whisky, rather medicinal, with a lovely coastal influence and candied pink grapefruits.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A6


Dufftown Un-labelled 1950s. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Aromatic, peaty, complex to very complex, on humus, old furniture, some wax and shoe polish. Excellent.
Taste: Rich, intense, complex, spicy, floral, on lacquer, precious wood, wax, peat smoke, candied oranges, light nutty flavours, some humus and beeswax. Diluted, it becomes more on aromatic and slightly bitter herbs and berries. The finish is long, complex, rich, and intense, on dried fruits, nuts, a nice moderate waxy and aromatic peat smoke, some orange and candied tangerine, as well as heather.
Impression: A very good, complex, smoky, aromatic and moderately waxy single malt. Very different from the current production.
Rating: 17/20 FP:D3


TWA 2000 Coastal Style, 17 YO, The Whisky Agency, 51.6%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose:  Coastal, smooth, slightly salty and malty, on vanilla, nice malty and coastal flavours.
Taste: Very costal, round, slightly smoky, malty and spicy, with some heather, malt, vanilla and round orchard fruits. The finish is medium and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes more salty and coastal.
Impression: A round and very coastal whisky, slightly malty, with some vanilla and nice round vanilla flavours.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A2


Balvenie 1966, 30 YO, OB, 45.5%, B:1997, cask 1896. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Round, malty, floral, sappy, slightly austere and dry, with a light aromatic peat smoke.
Taste: Subtle, sappy, slightly floral, malty and aromatic, with some honey, aromatic herbs, tree sap, and light woody flavours. The finish is long, rather dry, aromatic, slightly tannic, on tree sap, heather honey.
Impression: A rather sappy, aromatic and dry version of Balvenie. Rather unusual and not an easy one.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A2


Longmorn 1966 Private Collection, 53 YO, Gordon & MacPhail, 46%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very complex, nicely floral, intense, fruity, slightly nutty and smoky, with lots of dried fruits, nice tannins, leather, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, some cloves, lovely old furniture, orange, tangerine, beeswax and a touch of peat smoke. Excellent.
Taste: Rich, very complex, intense, fruity, floral, on nice tannins, leather, liquorice candies (Cachou), cocoa, dried fruits, nuts, orange, tangerine, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, some cloves and roasted coffee beans. Well balanced. The finish is long to very long and on the same flavours.
Impression: An excellent, rich, complex, well-balanced Longmorn, floral and with lovely fruity flavours.
Rating: 18/20 FP:H1


Longmorn 1966, 27 YO, Sprit of Scotland, 40% , B:1994, cask 12019. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Mellow, complex, well balanced, on round and mellow fruity flavours, sultanas, dates, orange, tangerine, cinnamon, some fudge, leather and round floral flavours. Excellent.
Taste: Floral, fragrant, fruity, rich, slightly tannic, on orange, tangerine, some tannins, leather, cocoa, fudge, roasted coffee notes, round floral flavours and fudge. The finish is long, round, well-balanced, complex and on the same flavours.
Impression: An excellent, rich, fruity, and well balanced Longmorn, with nice and rich fruity flavours.
Rating: 18/20 FP:F1


Irish single malt 1992 for Finest Whisky Berlin, 26 YO, Sansibar, 49.7%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose:  Smooth, malty, on green malt, some vanilla, pear drops, soft spices and cinnamon.
Taste: Mellow, moderately malty, slightly soft, on vanilla, pear drops, soft spices and heather, as well as some mellow berries. The finish is medium to long, mellow to very mellow, on soft orchard fruits.
Impression: A very mellow Irish single malt, rather soft and malty, with some orchard fruits.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A1


Good Old Guckenheimer bottled in bond, 6 YO, OB, B:1910s. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Round, grainy, rich, on apricots, peach, orange, some tannins, lacquer, fragrance, marmalade and cooked cereals. Very good!
Taste: Rich, fragrant, spicy, floral, on cooked cereals, stewed fruits, marmalade, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, some pepper, fragrance, resins, old furniture. The finish is long, rich, grainy, on stewed fruits, dried apricots, peach, cinnamon, nutmeg and resins.
Impression: A very good, rich, well balanced, mellow and rather fragrant old bourbon.
Rating: 16/20 FP:B1


Springbank 2000, 18 YO, Sansibar, 47.9%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Oaky, salty, slightly smoky and peaty, on oaky spices, some tar, sea brine, peat smoke, vanilla and a touch of coconut.
Taste: Smoky, oaky, intense, spicy, slightly peppery, on seaweeds, some tar, coconut, cocoa, sea salt, liquorice roots and vanilla. The finish is long and on the same flavours.
Impression: A whisky heavier and more oaky than the 1974, less subtle, but bolder and more intense. Rather smoky for a recent Springbank, intense and very complex. Very good.
Rating: 17/20 FP:A4


Springbank 1974, OB, 46.4%, B:1999, cask 452. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Salty, smoky, maritime, complex, slightly to moderately peaty, on coconut, sea salt, austere and salty peat smoke, some liquorice roots, aromatic herbs and seaweeds.
Taste: Complex, salty, aromatic, slightly austere and sooty, on a very complex salty and slightly aromatic and mineral peat smoke, coconuts, some soot and aromatic herbs. Lovely. The finish is long, complex, maritime, salty, on coconut and an excellent salty and maritime peat smoke.
Impression: An excellent complex, balanced and salty Springbank, with a lovely peat smoke. Rather subtle.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A4


Brora 1975 Rare Malts, 20 YO, OB, 60.75%, B: 1996. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very peaty, clean, on sea brine, flinstone, mustard and some citrus.
Taste: Salty, maritime, citric, peaty to very peaty, farmy, coastal, on sea brine, with some tar and fruity notes. Diluted, there is some tobacco smoke. The finish is long, citric, tarry, ashy, salty, rather farmy, with some wax, vanilla, some spices (pepper mustard seeds) and lots of liquorice roots.Impression: An intense, clean, peaty, farmy version of Brora, with the dryness of liquorice roots and a good dash of salt. This bottle was only sold in the 20 cl format.  Seems like it improved in the bottle since I tasted it.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A7


Clynelish 24 YO Dumpy for Sestante, Cadenhead’s, 49.4%, B:1990. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Sooty, austere, waxy, mineral, on mineral oil, sooty, mineral and slightly austere peat smoke, walnut oil, some bitter orange, dried citrus and leather. More austere, drier and nutty than the Signatory 1965 cask 667.
Taste: Dry, nutty, mineral, oily, waxy, rather austere and earthy, on dry nutty and oily flavours, candied citrus, austere and slightly aromatic peat smoke, beeswax and Pu Erh tea. Diluted, it becomes more citric and on tannins. The finish is long and on the same flavours.
Impression: A more difficult Clynelish than Signatory, more nutty, mineral and drier, with more earthy flavours. It is a very good one, but I enjoy the style of the Signatory better.
Rating: 18/20 FP:C2


Macallan 1969, 18 YO, OB, 43%, B:1988. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Complex, resinous, floral, spicy, on round spices, cinnamon, precious wood, leather, dried fruits, lacquer, cinnamon, nutmeg, and wood sap. Very elegant.
Taste: Resinous, sappy, floral, spicy, slightly bitter on wood sap, cocoa, candied oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg, leather, some walnuts, cloves, dates, and tannins. The finish is long, resinous, sappy, spicy, slightly floral, on tannins, leather, cocoa, heavy spices, orange, sultanas, dried and candied fruits, light floral and nutty flavours.
Impression: A very resinous and sappy Macallan, with a rather light nose, but heavier on the palate. Not the easiest one.
Rating: 16/20 FP:H1


Macallan 1974, 18 YO, OB, 43%, B:1992. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, heavy, spicy, floral, round, with nice round spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, elegant slightly fragrant floral flavours, precious wood, old furniture, dried fruits and a touch of nuts. Very good.
Taste: Fragrant to very fragrant, floral, syrupy, spicy to very spicy, tannic, on leather, tannins, dried fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, treacle, cocoa, orange, fragrant floral flavours, some caramel, dried fruits and toffee. The finish is long, complex, floral, spicy, on tannins, leather, orange, dried fruits, cocoa, various spicy and nutty flavours. Diluted, it becomes more on cocoa and smoother.
Impression: A very good, rich, intense, floral and spicy Macallan, deep and complex and on nice dried fruits.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G1


Macallan 1975, 18 YO, OB, 43%, B:1993. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Heavy, spicy, floral, slightly dry and tannic, on dried fruits, sultanas, candied oranges, tannins, cocoa, previous wood, floral flavours, some nuts and tannins. Close to the 1974, but slightly heavier on tannins.
Taste: Rich, complex, balanced, floral, spicy, slightly tannic, on cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruits, orange, old leather, some marmalade, toffee, tannins, and cloves. The finish is long, rich, floral, fragrant, rather tannic, slightly bitter, on dry and slightly bitter tannins, marmalade, dried fruits, some nuts, toffee, candied oranges and lacquer.
Impression: A version close the 1974 on the nose, but more tannic and bitter on the palate.
Rating: 15/30 FP:H1


Macallan 1981, 18YO, OB, 43%, B:1999. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, spicy, intense, floral, rather heavy on leather, sultanas, tannins, dried fruits, orange, blood orange, tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, dark chocolate.
Taste: Floral to very floral, heavy, tannic, slightly fragrant, bitter and rubbery, on marmalade, bloody orange, cinnamon, heavy tannins, dates, sultanas, cinnamon, nutmeg, some cloves and a hint of vegetal condiment. The finish is long, complex, tannic, and heavy, on dried fruits, floral and slightly fragrant flavours, lacquer and some nutty flavours.
Impression: A rich, rather heavy and floral Macallan, on tannins and dried fruits. Heavier, more tannic and floral than the 1962.
Rating: 16/20 FP:G1


Macallan 1962, OB, 80 Proof,  B:1980. Price:
Colour:  Amber
Nose: Rich, complex, intense, floral, nutty, spicy, on leather, rich spices, on coca, sultanas, exotic fruits, orange, precious wood, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other nice sweet fruity flavours. Well balanced.
Taste: Rich, floral, complex, intense, spicy, nutty, complex, spicy, on cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, leather, tannins, sultanas, dates, some cloves, exotic fruits, and nutty flavours. The finish is medium to long, rich, complex, spicy, intense, with lots of dried fruits, on tannins, leather, cocoa, orange, bloody orange, various spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg and some cloves. Diluted, it becomes more nutty.
Impression: A very nicely made complex, rich, nutty and spicy Macallan, with lots of dried fruits and a rather fruity nose.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G1


Highland Single malt (French Import), 12 YO, McLellands, 43%, B:1980s. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Very peaty, aromatic, intense, complex, moderately meaty and resinous, on a delicious aromatic peat smoke, smoked meat, some soot, ginger and some fern. Excellent.
Taste: Waxy, resinous to very resinous, complex, on aromatic peat smoke, aromatic herbs, shoe polish, wax, ferns, humus, light meaty and floral flavours.  The finish is long to very long, complex, waxy, peaty, aromatic, on a nice aromatic peat smoke, spices, light malty and floral flavours, wax, shoe polish and some stewed fruits.
Impression: An excellent old style of peated Glen Garioch, intense, complex and slightly meaty. Simply delicious.
Rating: 18/20 FP:B6


Ledaig 1974, 27 YO, Private Cask, 51.3%. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Peaty to very peaty, aromatic, phenolic, maritime to very maritime, on camphor, seaweeds, maritime peat smoke, sea brine, some tar and soot. Very good. Reminds me of the excellent old Ardbeg from the same vintage.
Taste: Round, peaty, maritime, complex, slightly oaky, on a round maritime peat smoke, camphor, iodine, seaweeds, vanilla and light oaky flavours and spearmint.  The finish is long to very long, maritime, peaty, phenolic, on seaweeds, camphor, iodine and peat smoke. Diluted, it becomes more on menthol and spearmint.
Impression: A very good peaty, maritime and phenolic expression of Ledaig, with nice round oaky and light menthol flavours. 
Rating: 17/20 FP:A6


TWA Smoky 2007, The Whisky Agency, 48%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Very peaty, intense, maritime, tarry, on dry hemp rope, peat smoke, seaweeds, some iodine, phenols, and camphor. Intense!
Taste: Light, peaty to very peaty, maritime, phenolic, tarry, on sea weeds, hemp rope, peat smoke, iodine, sea salt, some vanilla and lemon peel. The finish is medium to long, peaty, maritime, salty, tarry, on vanilla, hemp rope, peat smoke, iodine, a touch of sea salt, camphor and disinfectant.
Impression: A very peaty, maritime, tarry and phenolic Islay single malt. Rather light.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A7


Octomore 10.2, OB, 56.9%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Peaty to very peaty, intense, maritime, slightly meaty, rather balanced, on seaweeds, peat smoke, light oaky and vanilla flavours. Rather matured for an Octomore.
Taste: Oaky, young, peaty to very peaty, maritime, salty, slightly fragrant and floral, on iodine, tar, liquorice root, vanilla and some tar. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes more on vanilla and menthol.
Impression: A nice, oaky, rather balanced Octomore, not too young or dry.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A7


Clynelish 1980, 31 YO, Private Cask, 51.4%, B:2011. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Round, balanced, complex, moderately waxy, with some mustard seeds, vanilla, exotic fruits, beeswax, light oaky flavours and a hint of smoke,
Taste: Intense, round, oaky, spicy, moderately waxy, slightly smoky, on oak spices, heather honey, light grassy and toffee flavours, as well as some vanilla custard. The finish is medium to long, oaky, spicy, round, rather complex, with nice round grassy and vanilla flavours, some heather honey, citrus and mustardy flavours.
Impression: A nice oaky, mellow, round, rather oaky and spicy, with some citrus and a light smokiness.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A1


Clynelish 1965, 29 YO, Signatory, 52.1%, B:1994, cask 667, 530 bottles. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Woaww! A delicious waxy, fruity, mineral, slightly sooty and peaty Clynelish, old wax and furniture, shoe polish, some old worn leather, nice elegant sooty and mineral slightly austere peat smoke, orange, walnuts and a hint of walnuts. Complex and simply delicious.
Taste: Waxy to very waxy, oily, mineral, moderately sooty, austere and nutty, on walnuts, sap, mineral and aromatic peat smoke, bitter orange, some old leather, soot, ash and camphor. Very complex. Diluted, it becomes more sooty, ashy, mineral and waxy. The finish is long to very long, sooty, waxy, citric, complex, moderately austere, slightly peaty, on candied bitter orange and citrus, mineral, ashy and slightly sooty aromatic peat smoke, some old leather and a touch of rancio and walnuts.
Impression: A delicious, complex, austere, mineral, sooty and ashy Clynelish. Simply superb! I love this style.
Rating: 20/20 FP:D3



Macallan 10 YO 1968 for the New Elgin Club, OB, 70 Proof. B: 1970s. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, floral, round, rather vegetal, moderately floral, on toffee, rather fragrant floral flavours, lots of sultanas, on orange, toffee, cinnamon, vegetal condiment, cardamom. Very different for its sister bottling.
Taste: Thick, syrupy, floral, vegetal, slightly fragrant, on rather fragrant floral flavours, caramel, sultanas, some toffee, dried fruits, orange, tangerine, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, old leather and tannins. Heavier on tannins than the other one. With time, it become spicier, more sticky and floral, and less on toffee. The finish is long, complex, thick, sticky and on the same flavours.
Impression: Another very good old Macallan, with markedly stronger toffee and caramel flavours on the nose. Only 70 Proof (UK, i.e., 40%), but so much intensity.
Rating: 16/20 FP:G1


Macallan 10 YO for the New Elgin Club, OB, 70 Proof, B:1970s. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Rich, spicy, intense, complex, floral, on dried fruits, complex spicy flavours, sultanas, orange, some marmalade, cinnamon, nutmeg and nice nutty flavours. Powerful.
Taste: Rich, intense, complex, floral, spicy, with lots of nicely balanced floral flavours, soft leather and tannins, orange, tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg, some marmalade, hand made toffee and various dried fruits. The finish is long, complex to very complex, spicy, intense, well balanced, on dried fruits, orange, leather, nice floral and slightly nutty flavours, as well as cinnamon and nutmeg. Diluted, it becomes slightly on ground coffee.
Impression: An excellent, rich, complex, spicy and intense Macallan, with lots of dried fruits and nicely integrated spicy and nutty flavours. So much better than the current 10 YO.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G2



Glen Mhor 1965, 20 YO, Cadenhead’s, 46%, B:1986. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Sooty, mineral, peaty, smoky, slightly aromatic, with some aromatic herbs, old soot, mineral flavours, peat smoke, a touch of quince and mirabelle.
Taste: Very complex, mineral, sooty, on old fashioned mineral peat smoke, slightly austere, with some aromatic herbs, orange peel, a touch of high grade rubber and light mineral flavours.
Impression: A very good, rich, complex, nicely mineral and sooty whisky. Most enjoyable. Thank you Enrico.
Rating: 16/20 FP:D2


GlenDronach 1993 For Scotchwhisky.com, 26 YO, OB, 50.9%, B:2018, cask 6849. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Round, rich, spicy, nutty, floral, intense, on leather, tannins, treacle, orange, sultanas, dried fruity, rich spices and some figs. Very good.
Taste: Rich, spicy, intense, complex, floral, on nice rich floral and spicy flavours, some nuts, tannins, dried fruits, orange, nutmeg and a light fragrance. The finish is medium to long, nutty, slightly tannic and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes slightly more floral and fragrant.
Impression: A very good floral, spicy and rather fragrant complex GlenDronach.
Rating: 16/20 FP:G1


Glendronach 1970 White Label, Cadenhead’s, 58.9%, cask 26. Price:
Colour: Gold- old gold
Nose: Intense, floral, moderately grassy, slightly smoky, peaty and aromatic, with a nice very light peat smoke, nice floral and slightly aromatic flavours, some aromatic herbs and a touch of berries. Very good and rather different from the OB.
Taste: Rich, light, floral, fragrant, fresh, on vanilla, light oaky flavours, lime blossom, chamomile, a touch of berries and hint of smoke. The finish is medium, floral, fresh, and moderately fragrant, with some heather, berries, vanilla and soft spices.
Impression: A very different Glendronach from the OB, with a nice clean and fresh distillate, with only a faint influence from the cask.
Rating:  15/20 FP:C1


Burke’s Old Irish (US import), Edward & John Burke (Dublin), B:1910s. Price:
Colour:  Straw
Nose: Light, with very strong caramel flavours, some leather and toffee. With time, it opens, the caramel fades slightly and it becomes more on air dried orchard fruits.
Taste: Light, fresh, malty, on green malt, fresh orchard fruits, caramel, some dark berries, dried apricots and a hint of smoke. The finish is medium, round, malty, slightly spicy, on dried fruits, orchard fruits, some caramel, fresh barley, walnuts and a hint of smoke.
Impression: From the organoleptic point of view, this is a rather good Irish whiskey, with a flavour profile from a Pot Still. On the nose, it seems like a fair amount of caramel has been added to the product.  It is very rare to taste such old Irish whiskies.
Rating: 13/20 FP:A2


Glenlochy 1974, 28 YO, Private Cask, 54.8%. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Dusty, oaky, slightly smoky and rubbery, with some humus, light smoky and dusty flavours, a touch of rubber and dried apricots.
Taste: Oily, moderately smoky, on humus, with some dried fruits, light grassy and aromatic flavours, vanilla, peat smoke and nice oily flavours. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes slightly on lime blossom and some candied oranges.
Impression: The nose was rather dusty and oaky, and becoming nicely oily, rather mineral and grassy on the palate. Complex and very enjoyable.
Rating: 15/20 FP:D2


Killyloch 1972, 22 YO, Signatory, 52.6%, sherry cask 20641. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Bold, floral, slightly grassy and smoky, with some hay, vanilla and peach in tin/can.
Taste: Floral, grassy, complex, rather resinous, slightly spicy, on hay, rather fragrant floral flavours, some straw, heather honey, light grassy flavours, quince, Mirabelle, and a light smokiness. The finish is medium, grassy, floral, moderately floral, with a light fragrance, vanilla, stewed fruits, heather honey, some peach, quince and Mirabelle.
Impression: Killyloch was a lightly peated whisky from the Lowlands, distilled at Glen Flager. A whisky that can be seldom seen and a very good one, with nice grassy, floral and resinous flavours.
Rating: 16/20 FP:C1


Mosstowie 1979, Signatory, 38 YO, 42.4%, B:2017, cask 14574. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Mellow, round, fruity, slightly floral and spicy, some tinned (canned) pears, melon, light spicy and oaky flavours and a touch of menthol.
Taste: Mellow, fruity, malty, slightly oaky, floral and spicy, with some menthol, pears, melon and light oaky flavours. The finish is medium to long, fruity, slightly oaky, floral and spicy, with some melon, menthol and pears.
Impression: A nice mellow Mosstowie, rather fruity and slightly oaky.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1



Ainslie’s Specially Selected Very Old 12 YO for Di Chiano, OB, 43%, B:1970s. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Rich, mellow, moderately grainy, waxy and mineral, with some old fashioned peat smoke, wax, light resinous flavours, stewed exotic fruits, and light austere and aromatic flavours. More complex than the other Ainslie & Heilbronn blends.
Taste: Mineral, waxy, citric, on lemon peel, grapefruit, mineral wax, soot, ashes, some liquorice, candied and light exotic fruits. The finish is medium to long, ashy, citric, sooty, waxy, on candied lemon and grapefruit, mineral and sooty old fashioned peat smoke, some quince, Mirabelle, exotic fruits, liquorice and wax.
Impression: A very well made blend, with a flavour profile showing nice smoky, mineral and sooty peat smoke, as the old 12 YO Clynelish white label for Di Chiano.
Rating: 16/20 FP:C3


Ainslie Royal Edinburgh Flat Bottle Spring cap, OB, B:1960s. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Round, malty, slightly floral and grainy, on caramel, smooth grainy flavours, some wax, mustard, a light mineral and sooty smoke and a touch of crystallised fruits.
Taste: Round, floral, slightly grainy, moderately mineral, sooty, ashy and waxy, with some austere mineral peat smoke, some caramel, soot, candied fruits (including citrus). Diluted, it becomes more citric, waxy and on old fashioned peat smoke. The finish is medium, moderately, grainy, malty and round, with some soot, ashes, peat smoke, caramel and light floral flavours. Diluted, there are some light coffee flavours.
Impression: A rather round blend, with night light sooty and ashy peat smoke flavours and toffee. Rounder, slightly less complex and more grainy than the Glen Brora.
Rating: 14/20 FP:D2


Glen Brora, Carradale blending Co., 40%, B:1970s. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Waxy, round, slightly floral and mellow, on toffee, old mineral wax, some peat smoke and soot. Smells like an old Clynelish with added caramel.
Taste: Mustardy, round, malty, rather waxy and sooty, with a light peat smoke, light mineral and sooty flavours, some quince, Mirabelle, caramel, light floral and exotic fruit flavours. Diluted, it becomes more mineral and sooty, slightly more fruity as well and with some coffee beans.. The finish is rather long, with a nice round sooty old fashioned peat smoke, some caramel, light floral and aromatic flavours and ashes.
Impression: Carradale blending was a company owned by Ainslie & Heilbronn, the owner of the old Clynelish (BroraI distillery). A very nice blend with rather strong flavours reminding me  of old Clynelish (pre-1970s Broras), with some added caramel and a light and rather neutral influence of the grain whisky.
Rating: 15/20 FP:C3


Glenury Royal Cask of Distinction 1968, 50 YO, OB, 45.0%, B:2018, cask 8709. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Complex, intense, slightly bold, waxy, smoky and peaty, with some humus, resin, old furniture, beeswax, melon and a touch of honey. Very good.
Taste: Rich, complex, intense, bold, waxy, with some citrus, humus, bold peat smoke, cocoa, leather, a hint of tannins and nuts. The finish is medium to long, complex, rich, bold, rather waxy, with some citrus, vanilla, light grassy and nutty flavours, melon, a touch of peat smoke and orange.
Impression: An excellent Glenury, complex, rather bold and intense, with some pleasant citrus flavours. Markedly different from the previous 50 YO, as the spirit is not dominated by the cask and with just a touch of wood. Lovely.
Rating: 18/20 FP:B2


Clynelish Director’s Special, 36 YO, The Single malts of Scotland, 47.1%, B:2020. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Waxy, citric, intense, mellow, complex, on rather intense citrus flavours, with some oaky and vanilla flavours. Very good.
Taste: Light, citric to very citric, waxy, on candied citrus, some pineapples, mellow oaky flavours and candied exotic fruits (guava and papaya). The finish is long, mellow, complex, citric, on candied citrus, some pineapples, light mustardy and waxy flavours, vanilla custard and exotic fruits. Diluted, it becomes more peppery, waxy and on sea brine, as well as with more grapefruits.
Impression: An excellent mellow Clynelish, rather waxy and with strong aromas of citrus fruits. A Clynelish distilled in 1982 that was removed from the cask in 2018 and bottled for the Old and Rare in 2020.
Rating: 17/20 FP:A1


Caol Ila 2007 for Ramseyer’s whisky connection, 12 YO, Signatory, 58.2%, B: 2020, cask 307339. Price:
Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Peaty, tarry, maritime, salty, on seaweeds, hemp rope, iodine, seaweeds, dry and tarry peat smoke, with a touch of camphor and salt.
Taste: Intense, fresh, zesty, peaty, maritime, rather medicinal and slightly oak, on a dry oaky peat smoke, vanilla, lemon zest, hemp rope and some iodine. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours.
Impression: An intense, fresh, peaty and zesty Caol Ila, with some oaky spices and lemon zest.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A7



Brora 1978 Cask of Distinction for Emmanuel Dron, Bihan Yang & Edward Zeng, 41 YO, OB, 45%, B:2019. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Waxy, slightly peaty, austere, farmy and aromatic, with some soot, lemon peel and nice mineral flavours. Not heavily peated, but when tasted head to head with the 35 YO Cask of Distinction, the peat is clearly present.
Taste: Waxy, peaty, farmy, citric, on grapefruits, some lemon peel, beeswax, ripe fruits, mirabelle, vanilla custard, light mineral flavours, orange zest and oily flavours. The finish is medium to long, waxy, mellow, slightly grassy, on ripe fruits, pink grapefruit and some beeswax. Less peaty than than on the palate.
Impression: An excellent Brora, mellow, waxy and citric, with some austere, mineral and citric flavours, with a nice light peat smoke. Thank you Edward.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A2


Brora 1982 Cask of Distinction, 35 YO, OB, 44.2%, B: 2017, cask 566, 217 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Waxy to very waxy, mellow, intense, slightly mustardy and farmy, on lemon curd, some light farmy flavours, mustard seeds, melon and other ripe fruits. Excellent.
Taste: Very waxy, farmy, mustardy, citric, complex to very complex, on lemon peel, mirabelle, beeswax, vanilla, light farmy and mustardy flavours. The finish is long to very long, very waxy, complex, on nice fresh lemon and other citrus fruits, some mustard seeds, melon, ripe fruits, vanilla
Impression: An excellent complex, rather fresh and intense Brora, very waxy, on ripe fruits, beeswax and some mustard seeds.
Rating: 18/20 FP:A1


Special Whisky & Music

Islay Single Malt for Cadenhead’s Baden 2006, 11 YO, Cadenhead’s, 56.6%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very peaty and smoky, maritime, on a very nice maritime peat smoke, seaweeds, iodine, medicinal flavours, camphor and sea salt. Very good.
Taste: Smooth, smoky to very smoky, peaty, maritime, on wet wood, liquorice roots, seaweeds, bonfire smoke, peat smoke, some sea shells, vanilla and camphor. The finish is long and on the same flavours. There is a very nice smoky-wet wood retro-olfaction.
Impression: A very nice smoky Islay single malt distilled at Lagavulin, with a nice balance and bonfire smoke.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A6


Special Whisky & Music

Edradour 2009 for Ramseyer’s whisky connection, 9 YO, Signatory, 57.9%, B:2019, cask 351. Price:
Colour: Amber-dark amber
Nose: Thick, round, intense, floral, spicy, on leather, sultanas, dried fruits, toffee, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, tannins and light nutty flavours.
Taste: Heavy, floral to very floral, fragrant, spicy, round, on rich fragrant floral flavours, marmalade, orange, toffee, cinnamon, some tangerine, honey, red berries and dark chocolate. Diluted, it becomes more oily. The finish is long, floral, rich, round, on soft spices, cinnamon, soft leather, sultanas, tangerine, round floral and slightly fragrant flavours, as well as some fudge.
Impression: A very round and floral Edradour, on dried fruits and nice soft leather flavours.
Rating: 14/20 FP:F1

Macallan Concept 2, OB, 40%, B:2020. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Round, malty, floral to very floral, moderately spicy, slightly smoky, on sultanas, dried fruits, nice round floral flavours, some fudge, orange and tangerine.
Taste: Floral to very floral, fragrant, oaky, spicy, moderately smoky, on whisky toffee, sultanas, orange, some tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg, leather, cocoa, and light nutty flavours. The finish is medium to long, nutty, floral, slightly fragrant and oaky, with some whisky toffee, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, leather, toffee and orange. Diluted, it becomes slightly more floral,
Impression: Not very complex, but nicely floral, with a good mouth feel and a light peat smoke. Rather rich and well made.
Rating: 13/20 FP:G2

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