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Glenury Royal 1968 Old Malt Cask, 35 YO, Douglas Laing, 42.5%, B:2004, Ref 654, 26 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Mellow, citric, slightly mineral and smoky, on pink grapefruits, light mineral and rusty flavours, some banana, elegant and light peat smoke, humus, mushrooms and a hint of parsley. Given time, more ripe fruits evolve. Very good. Nicely complex and the most peated of the serie.
Taste: Musty, waxy, grassy, on old mineral peat smoke, some mineral oil, almonds, humus, wax and some woodland flavours. Diluted, it becomes more on ground coffee, toffee and light old mineral peat smoke. The finish is long, complex, mellow, slightly mineral, waxy and smoky, some toffee, citrus, a light mineral peat smoke, wax, tangerine, almond, and a hint of resins.
Impression: A very nice old fashioned Glenury Royal, rather waxy, with light mineral and smoky flavours, as well as some citrus and humus.
Rating: 17/20 FP: D3

Glenury Royal 1972 Old Malt Cask, 32 YO, Douglas Laing, 50%,B:005, 226 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Mellow, slightly grassy, smoky, waxy and mineral, with some citrus, melon, banana, pineapples, humus and flint stones.
Taste: Waxy to very waxy, mineral, slightly peaty, on paraffin, almonds, humus, grapefruits and a touch of mineral oil. Very good. The finish is long, complex, and on the same flavours.
Impression: A nice complex and elegant Glenury, waxy, and with a pleasant mouthfeel. Slightly more balanced and rounder than the 1968.
Rating:  18/20 FP: B3


Millstone 100 Rye, D:2005, OB, 50%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Intense, rich, spicy, rather mellow and fruity, on orange blossom, some pepper and freshly saw oak. Very good.
Taste: Intense, very spicy, peppery, on ginger, orange blossom, some peach, apricots, cinnamon, fresh oak and violet. The finish is medium to long, rich, spicy, peppery, round, zesty, fruity, on orange, violet and freshly sawn oak. Diluted, it becomes slightly more on cooked cereals and with some caramel.
Impression: A very nicely made Dutch Rye, matured for 100 months (over 8 years) from a 100% Rye Grain and matured in new American oak. Very pleasant, rich, intense and complex. One of the best rye whisky I have tasted.
Rating:  15/20 FP: E1

Millstone 12 YO Sherry Cask, D:2000, OB, 46%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Mellow, complex, moderately spicy, on leather, cinnamon, some vegetal condiment, orange, sultanas, cocoa and cloves
Taste: Rich, mellow, sweet, fruity, nutty, floral, rather complex, slightly rubbery, on cinnamon, cloves, some fresh rubber, red berries, sultanas, and treacle. The finish is long, complex, thick, rich, heavy, slightly rubbery, on sultanas, orange, cinnamon, treacle, some cloves, rancio, balsamic vinegar and precious wood.
Impression: A rather thick and heavy expression of Millstone, on rancio, dried fruits and heavy sherry.
Rating: 15/20 FP:G1

18 Jan

Highland Park 15 YO Distillery Exclusive, OB, 60.3%, B:2018, First Fill sherry puncheon, cask 1938. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Round, smooth, rather juicy, nicely balanced, with some heather, peat smoke, and rather juicy and fruity flavours. Very good.
Taste: Intense to very intense, spicy, complex, on heather, tangerine, spices, some peat smoke, old leather, various juicy fruity flavours, including some exotic fruits. The finish is long, complex, rather spicy, on aromatic and rather dry peat smoke, some dry roots, aromatic herbs, juicy fruits and some spices.
Impression: A very good Highland Park, complex, smokier and peatier than the HP Single Casks that I have tried, with a style of peat smoke that reminds me of the old style of HP. A very good pick from the distillery.
Rating: 16/20 FP:F3

Highland Park 1974, 16 YO, Prestonfield, 57%, B:1990, cask 7137. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very intense, rich, aromatic, peaty, floral, slightly maritime, on an intense and aromatic peat smoke, clean floral flavours, orange, some tangerine, heather honey and sultanas. Complex and intense. An excellent old style of Highland Park.
Taste: Intense, complex, aromatic, smoky, moderately peaty, on sea brine, heather honey, aromatic peat smoke, a mixture of tangerine and candied orange, some cinnamon and wax. The finish is long, intense, peaty, aromatic, smoky, on polished wood, wax and heather honey.
Impression: An excellent old style of Highland Park, waxy, aromatic, moderately peaty, with some round heather honey flavours. I love this style and so different from the current production. Thank you Carsten.
Rating: 18/20 FP:D5

17 Jan

Highland Park Single Cask 2004 for Vinothek Massen Luxembourg, 13 YO, OB, 65.4%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Very round, slightly floral, on toffee, treacle, sultanas, dates, heather honey, orange, round spices and a hint of smoke.
Taste: Rich, spicy, intense, on orange, tangerine, cinnamon, sultanas, some herbs, leather, heather, and candied fruits. Very good. The finish is medium to long, round, well balanced and on the same flavours.
Impression: A very nice round, spicy, and well-balanced whisky, with a very nice and round influence from the sherry.
Rating: 15/20 FP:G2

Highland Park Single Cask 2005 Münich’s 5 Star Airport, 12 YO, OB, 61.9%, B:2018, cask 4267, 581 bottles. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Vegetal, spicy, floral, rubbery, on toffee, initially rather rubber at nosing, but then the rubber fades and it is getting more fragrant and on cloves.
Taste: Spicy, intense, moderately rubbery, slightly vegetal and salty, on candied oranges, some heather, vegetal condiment, cinnamon, some cloves and toffee. The finish is medium, with some bitter herbs and on the same flavours as on the palate.
Impression: Probably the most difficult Highland Park Single Cask I have tasted. It is good, but more vegetal and slightly less balanced than the others, with rubbery flavours that fade over time. A whisky that need time to breathe.
Rating: 14/20 FP:G2

16 Jan

Port Charlotte PC 10, OB, 50%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Round, peaty, slightly winey and tarry, on grapes, light spices, peat smoke, some seaweeds, tar and a light sweetness.
Taste: Peaty, maritime, medicinal, with a moderate sweet winey flavours, some camphor, iodine, seaweeds and light fruity flavours. The finish is long, peaty, rather medicinal, winey, tarry, with some medicinal peat smoke and sweet winey flavours.
Impression: A nicely balanced whisky, peaty, medicinal and with moderate winey flavours.
Rating: 14/20 FP:F7

Port Charlotte MRC:01 2010, OB, 59.2%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Round, sweet, tarry, slightly sugary, on peat smoke, pepper, red wine, some tar, seaweeds and grapes. Much more winey than the PC10.
Taste: Winey, sweet, sugary, peaty, slightly maritime, on pepper, grapes, red wine and peat smoke. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes slightly more medicinal.
Impression: A good whisky, but heavy on the red wine flavours, too much to my liking. Matured ex-Bordeaux Mouton Rotschild.
Rating: 13/20 FP: G6

15 Jan

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010, OB, 50%, B:2018. Price:
Colour:  Gold
Nose: Fresh to very fresh, malty to very malty, slightly zesty, on fresh malt, some vanilla, green orchards fruits and a hint of seabrine.
Bouche: Very fresh and malty, clean, on vanilla, green orchards fruits, freshly crushed barley and a hint of sea brine. The finish is long, very fresh and on the same flavours.
Impression: A surprisingly fresh and clean Bruichladdich, with very good fresh malty flavours. Nice to taste such a fresh and well made “naked” whisky.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1

Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011, OB, 50%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very peaty, dry, rooty, maritime, tarry, on seaweeds, peat smoke, tar, light meaty flavours and dry liquorice roots. Very intense.
Taste: Peaty, intense, tarry, rather medicinal, on camphor, seaweeds, peat smoke and medicinal flavours. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours.
Impression: A nice peaty, clean and rather medicinal expression of Port Charlotte. Some extra maturity would have pushed the score higher up.
Score: 14/20 FP:A7

14 Jan

Caperdonich 1968, 30 YO, Signatory, 50.3%, B:1998, cask 3560. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Rich, complex, fruity, some resins, precious wood, cedar wood, eucalyptus, banana and coconuts.
Taste: Long, complex, round, resinous, and slightly mineral, on incense, eucalyptus, stewed and candied fruits, cedar wood, incense and pollen. Very good. The finish is long, resinous and on the same flavours.
Impression: A nice resinous old style of Caperdonich, with some eucalyptus and a mixture of stewed and candied fruits.
Rating: 17/20 FP:C1

Caperdonich 1994, 21 YO, First Choice, 59.6%, 90 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Round, intense, malty, slightly milky and floral, on vanilla, mild fruity flavours, some parley and marzipan.
Taste: Round, malty, rather milky, slightly spicy and resinous, on soft vanilla, light creamy flavours, some stewed fruits, pollen and nice round malty flavours. The finish is long, very round, soft, on soft spices, pollen, round floral flavours, some resins and almonds.
Impression: A very nice and soft single malt, malty and slightly resinous. With a pleasant mouthfeel.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A1

13 Jan

Cladach Special Release 2018, OB, 57.1%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Peaty, smoky, slightly mineral and malty, on peat smoke, some tar, soot, nice malty flavours and round fruity flavours. Well made.
Taste: Smoky, peaty, dry, slightly aromatic, bitter, waxy and floral, with some fragrance, almonds, peat smoke and seaweeds. The finish is long, bitter, fragrant, slightly astringent, oaky, and maritime, with some almonds and spices.
Impression: A nice peated blended malt whisky, rather fragrant. Not necessarily an easy one.  A vatting of the coastal distilleries from Inchgower, Clynelish, Talisker, Oban, Caol Ila and Lagavulin.
Rating: 14/20 FP:B5

Ascona Whisky, OB, 43%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Very round, clean, slightly malty, rather fresh, on vanilla, some malt, grapes and light winey flavours.
Taste: Winey, malty, round, slightly floral and fragrant, with some grapes, light winey flavours and fresh malt. The finish is medium, floral, malty, round, moderately winey, with some vanilla, varnish, grapes and soft spices.
Impression: A clean and round whisky, rather malty and with light winey flavours.
Rating: 11/20 FP:D1

12 Jan

Millstone 12 YO Oloroso Sherry Oak, D:2006, OB, 46%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Round to very round, floral, on sultanas, soft spices, orange, tangerine and some fudge.
Taste: Rich, round to very round, rather thick, floral, on toffee, sultanas, some fudge, orange, tangerine, polished wood and high grade leather. The finish is medium to long, round, rich, rather complex, slightly floral and malty, on leather, toffee, fudge, soft spices, some dried fruits, cinnamon and orange.
Impression: A very different style of Millstone, round, on soft spices and nice dried fruits. Of note, as Zuidam is bottling his products as small batch (or casks by casks?), there might be some variability between each lot. In addition, I have seen the age of the content varying between 12 and 15 years between the lots. In any case, a well made product.
Rating: 15/20 FP:F1

Amrut Cask Strength, OB, 61.8%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very malty, spicy, slightly dusty, on spices, freshly ground barley, some freshly sawn oak and a light fruitiness.
Taste: Young, fresh, malty, moderately spicy, rather spirity, with some melon, rhubarb and Haribo candies. The finish is medium, round, moderately malty, with some melon, rhubarb and Haribo candies
Impression: A good Amrut, slightly young and spirity on the palate when tasted neat, but then it becomes rounder, more pleasant and fruitier with a few drops of water added.
Rating: 12/20 FP:C1

11 Jan

Millstone 1O YO French Oak, D:2008, OB, 40%, B:2018. Price:
Colour:  Old gold
Nose: Very round, smooth, oaky, on oak spices, light creamy flavours, some vanilla, cinnamon and light aromatic herbs.
Taste: Oaky to very oaky, clean, fresh, spicy, slightly floral, malty and creamy, on freshly sawn oak, spices, vanilla custard and light milky flavours.
Impression: A clean, round and smooth whisky, with flavours reminding me of virgin oak casks. Matured in refill American oak and finished in French Oak casks.
Rating: 12/20 FP:A1

Millstone 10 YO American Oak, D:2007, OB, 43%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Round, smooth, oaky, malty, slightly creamy, on vanilla, some melon, mango, sultanas, cinnamon and a light sweetness.
Taste: Oaky, spicy, smooth, slightly floral and creamy, on oaky spices, cinnamon, some peach, cloves and a light sweetness. The finish is medium and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes spicier.
Impression: A whisky matured in new American oak cask, fresh, oaky, and spicy. Close to the French oak, but slightly rounder, more complex and more on cinnamon and cloves.
Rating: 13/20 FP:D1

10 Jan

Miltonduff Ballantine’s 15 YO, OB, 40%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Very round, mellow, balanced, floral, grassy to very grassy, on honey, vanilla, soft spices, some almonds, sultanas and various sweet fruity flavours. Rather complex and well balanced.
Taste: Light, grassy, fresh, spicy to very spicy, on honey, nice grassy flavours, some pollen, sultanas, and various spices. The finish is long, spicy, grassy, slightly nutty, with some sultanas, orange, a hint of tangerine and cinnamon.
Impression: It might be a whisky reduced to 40%, but it is nicely complex, rich and spicy.
Rating: 15/20 FP:D2

Royal Brackla 2006 World of Whisky 20th Anniversary, 61.4%, Signatory, B:2018, cask 310859, 294 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral, fresh, spicy to very spicy, rather fragrant, on vanilla and fresh floral flavours.
Taste: Rich, spicy, spirity, intense, floral, on vanilla and some bitter fragrance. The finish is medium to long, bitter, fragrant and spicy. Diluted, it becomes more fragrant and on bitter almonds.
Impression: A fresh, intense, spirity, floral and spicy whisky.
Rating: 13/20 FP:A1

09 Jan

Caol Ila 2006, 10 YO, Gordon MacPhail, 60.2%, B:2017, cask 306183+4, 306186+7. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Intense, smoky, maritime, salty, on peat smoke, some camphor, iodine, burnt juniper bushes, dry tarry and slightly aromatic peat smoke.
Taste: Very peaty, maritime, salty, on iodine, camphor, bandages, peat smoke, tar and some soot, lemon peel, with a light sweetness. The finish is long, intense, peaty, smoky, maritime, on iodine, seaweeds, camphor, peat smoke and lapsang souchong.
Impression: A very nice intense, peaty, maritime and medicinal Islay whisky.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A7

Glenburgie 1966, Gordon & MacPhail, 45%, B: 2005. Price:
Colour: Amber.
Nose: Very smooth and mellow, velvety, unctuous, on fine leather, dry fruits such as raisins and dates, a slight peat smoke and some red berries.
Taste: Smooth, velvety, on leather, tannins, orange, tangerine, some berries and rather woody notes. The finish is medium, woody, tannic, on leather and berries.
Impression: The nose was excellent, on very smooth and velvety  flavours, but it is unfortunately on the rather strong woody and tannic side on the palate. A whisky that has spent too much time in the cask. Not really my type, but I know many people who love that one, so taste it to make your own judgement.
Rating: 13/20 FP:J2

08 Jan

Lochindaal 2007, 10 YO, Hidden Spirit, 53.1%, B:2018, Cask LH718. Price:
Colour:  Gold
Colour: Gold
Nose:  Smooth, elegant, peaty, maritime, slightly round, on peat smoke, light maritime and medicinal flavours, bandages and disinfectant. Subtle and elegant.
Taste: Peaty to very peaty, smoky, maritime, elegant, very medicinal, on iodine, camphor, peat smoke, bandages and other medicinal flavours. The finish is long, elegant, subtle and on the same flavours.
Impression: A very nice Port Charlotte, very peaty, but not too powerful and massive. Rather smooth, subtle and lots of medicinal flavours. Very good and with almost no oaky flavours.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A5

Octomore Savannah Series 2011, Antique Lions of Spirits, 51.9%, B:2017. Price:
Colour:  Gold
Colour: Straw
Nose: Very peaty, smooth, medicinal, on camphor, iodine, dry and ashy peat smoke, some spearmint. Clean and with some bandages.
Taste: Juicy, fresh, peaty, on pear drops, vanilla custard, and a rather soft peat smoke. Balanced and elegant. The finish is medium, well balanced and juicy, on orchards fruits, peat smoke and some vanilla.
Impression: An atypical Octomore, fresh, juicy, with fresh orchard fruits and with a rather moderate peatiness. As this Octomore is rather lightly peaty, the whisky seems finer and more complex than the official bottlings. Very good.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A5

07 Jan

BenRiach Four Casks, 21 YO, OB, 46%, B:2018. Price:
Colour:  Gold
Nose: Round, rather clean and fresh, slightly floral, oaky, and creamy, on fresh oak, some vanilla, orchards fruits, and a hint of melon. A clear virgin oak influence on the nose.
Taste: Spicy, oaky to very oaky, slightly floral, green and grassy, on freshly sawn wood and vanilla, with a hint of sweetness. The finish is medium and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes slightly nutty.
Impression: A quite fresh and clean BenRiach, with a clear influence of the virgin oak. Rather clean and fresh, and not as complex or mellow as you might expect from a whisky of that age.
Rating: 13/20 FP:A2    

Benriach 10th Anniversary of the Whisky Show, 28 YO, Elixir Distillers, 48.8%, B:2018. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Round, slightly mellow, green, mineral and aromatic,
Taste: Rich, spicy, rather intense, mellow and grassy, with some tobacco, honey, melon and vanilla. The finish is medium to long, rich, grassy, on honey, tobacco, melon, some vanilla and melon.
Impression: Rather different from the OB, more intense, grassier and mellower.
Rating:  15/20 FP:A2

06 Jan

Carsebridge 1974 10 th Anniversary, 43 YO, The Whisky Agency, 46.4%, B:2018, 102 bottles. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Round, mellow, on corn syrup, cooked corn, porridge, a light fragrance, some vanilla, cinnamon, and dried apricots. Well balanced.
Taste: Very mellow, round, on cooked cereals, corn syrup, dried apricots, vanilla, peach juice, some cinnamon and stewed fruits. The finish is medium to long, very mellow and round, fruity, on elderberries flowers, dried apricots, peach, vanilla and some corn syrup. Diluted, it becomes slightly oaky and milky.
Impression: A very pleasant and mellow grain whisky, with a nice mouth feel. Seemed to have improved after a few months after opening.
Rating:  16/20 FP:A1

Invergordon 1973 for Sweden Whiskyklubben, 44YO, Sansibar, 51.1%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Very round, mellow, well balanced, rather complex, on cooked cereals, some porridge, corn syrup and vanilla custard. Very good and rather smooth.
Taste: Round, floral, fragrant, rather intense, mellow, on porridge, cooked cereals, cinnamon, marmalade, some orange, tangerine, and apricots. The finish is medium to long, round, mellow, intense, slightly fragrant, on cooked cereals, apricots and marmalade.
Impression: A very nice round and mellow grain whisky, more on sweet corn-like flavours than the Carsebridge, but also more fragrant.
Rating: 16/20 FP:D1

Cameronbridge 1984 10th Anniversary of World of Whisky, Signatory, 50.4%, B:2018, cask 19305. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Clean to very clean, on green cereals, some varnish, vanilla and honey. Rather fragrant and floral.
Taste: On varnish and solvent. With time it becomes clean, light, fresh, and rather spirity. The finish is medium to long, clean to very clean, on vanilla, some varnish and solvent.
Impression: A rather peculiar whisky. It needs some time to breath, in order to leave the solvent and varnish flavours to disappear. Something went bad with the sample?
Rating: 08/20 FP:A1

05 Jan

Elements of Islay Pl5 2009, Elixir Distillers, 63.1%, B:2018, 582 bottles. Price: (70 cl equivalent),
Colour:  Gold
Nose: Clean, very peaty and maritime, slightly young and oaky, on intense peat smoke, seaweeds, iodine, some kippers and hemp rope. Very intense.
Taste: Young, oaky, peaty, maritime, on seaweeds, iodine, camphor, vanilla, lemon and hemp rope. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes drier, more on hemp rope and slightly younger.
Impression: A nice and peaty Port Charlotte, dry and on lemon zest. A few extra years of maturation would have been welcomed.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A8

Port Charlotte 2002, 15 YO, FEW Barrels, 61.8%, B:2018, Sherry cask 324. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Round, peaty, complex, maritime to very maritime, moderately meaty and farmy, on peat smoke, seaweeds, iodine, a touch of camphor, leather and air-dry bacon.
Taste: Dry to very dry, peaty, maritime, on peat smoke, with some round meaty flavours, dry red berries, leather, camphor and spearmint. Rather spirity. Diluted, it becomes more on spearmint and bandages. The finish is long, peaty, maritime, medicinal, on camphor, iodine, bandages, some spearmint and seaweeds.
Impression: A very peaty and medicinal version of Port Charlotte. The sherry influence was rather noticeable on the nose, but then it was markedly more discreet on the palate. Tasted first in rather warm conditions, it seemed rather soft. Tasted again a few weeks later in standard conditions, it became more complex, intense and medicinal. A very good one that needs some time to open. I wished the price was softer.
Rating: 16/20 FP:D7

04 Jan

Highland Park 1980 to commemorate of the visit of Maxxium UK to the Highland Park distillery, 20 YO, OB, 50.5%, Cask 8421, 252 bottles. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Aromatic, floral, complex, moderately peaty and smoky, on heather honey, dry peat smoke, dried oranges, some sultanas, figs, exotic fruits, and old peat fire. Rich and with lovely dried and candied fruits.
Taste: Rich, intense, salty, complex, smoky, slightly maritime, on cocoa, dark chocolate, dry peat smoke, candied fruits, orange, tangerine, heather honey, dates, sultanas and some exotic fruits. The finish is long, rich, spicy, slightly salty, on dry peat smoke, cocoa, dark chocolate, some sea salt, sea brine, honey, sultanas, figs, treacle and various dried fruits. Diluted, it becomes fruitier and the peat smoke more tarry and heavier.
Impression: An old style of Highland Park that I enjoy very much, heavier, peatier, and thicker than the current production, and with more depth as well. From an excellent sherry cask.
Rating: 18/20 FP:G4

Highland Park Runrig Dram, 22 YO, Duncan Taylor, 51.4%, B:2009. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Fresh, mellow, smooth, slightly peaty, on tangerine, citron (cedrat), heather, a light peat smoke, some melon, sea brine and papaya. Elegant.
Taste: Fresh, zesty, slightly smoky, austere and salty, on heather honey, a light peat smoke, citron (cedrat), light spices, some nuts, camphor and various herbal flavours. The finish is medium, herbal, rather fresh, slightly smoky, on citron (cedrat), and soft herbal flavours.
Impression: A nice and elegant Highland Park, rather subtle and with nice aromas of citron (or cedrat in French, one of the original citrus fruit that you can find in Corsica). An atypical Highland Park but a good one.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A2

03 Jan

Glenglassaugh 1984 Old Malt Cask Sherry, 25 YO, Douglas Laing, 50%, B: 2009, DL 5362. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very round, floral, grassy to very grassy, with lots of toffee and fudge, on honey, herbs, peach, melon, and some exotic fruits.
Taste: Very spicy (mustard, ginger and pepper), grassy, nutty, slightly rubbery and bitter, on tannins, liquorice roots, old leather, walnuts, herbs and honey. The finish is medium, spicy, dry, nutty to very nutty, slightly herbal, on liquorice, walnuts, old leather and some old wood. Diluted, it becomes drier, nuttier and bitterer.
Impression: A whisky with a nose strong on toffee, and rather dry and nutty on the palate.
Rating: 12/20 FP:F1

Glenglassaugh 1978 Old Malt Cask, 27 YO, Douglas Laing, 50%, B: 2005, DL 1994. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Rich, mellow, complex, floral, rather grassy and herbal, on honey, rich stewed fruits, some exotic fruits, peach, spices, a hint of smoke and nuts. Very good.
Taste: Spicy to very spicy (ginger, mustard and some pepper), floral, rich, grassy, fruity, on honey, melon, peach, guava, some papaya and a touch of almonds. The finish is medium, grassy to very grassy, very creamy, nutty, on almonds, some peach, vanilla, mint and marzipan. Diluted, it becomes more nutty and marzipan.
Impression: A good one, grassy, initially rather fruity, then it becomes more nutty.
Rating: 14/20 FP:C2

02 Jan

Port Mourant 1997, El Dorado, 57.9%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very fruity, intense, deep, complex, on dates, sultanas, dried apricots and pineapples. Very good.
Taste: Rich, deep, fruity to very fruity, on quince jelly, cooked pineapples, dried apricots, thick tar, some coffee and black liquorice. The finish is long, thick, deep, tarry, bitter, on pineapples, plums, blackcurrant, caramel, cinnamon, cloves and thick treacle. With time, it becomes more intense on liquorice.
Impression: A thick, heavy and intense Port Mourant rum distilled in wooden column, with liquorice, ground coffee beans and caramel. Very good.
Rating: 16/20

Enmore 1996, El Dorado, 57.2%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Amber-red
Nose: Mellow, round, floral, on varnish, cinnamon, cloves, molasses, ground coffee beans and light fragrant flavours,
Taste: Very rich, fruity, floral, complex, on dried apricots and pineapples, cinnamon, some cloves, molasses, and other elegant ripe fruity flavours. The finish is long, rich, intense, complex, and on the same flavours.
Impression: A very good, rich, fruity, and rather floral rum, nicely complex and thick, with diverse ripe fruits.
Rating: 16/20

01 Jan 2019

Longrow 1973, 30 YO, FoD, 50.1%, B:2003, Bourbon cask. Price:
Colour:  Gold-old gold
Nose: Peaty to very peaty, complex, tarry, slightly mineral, with a rather farmy peat smoke, some sea brine and light fruity flavours. A lovely old style of peat smoke reminding me of the Longrow 1973 from Moon. I love this style, peatier and more farmy than the current Longrow.
Taste: Floral, round, mellow, moderately fragrant and medicinal, on disinfectant, medicinal peat smoke, vanilla, some camphor, perfume and a hint of green almonds. The finish is medium to long and on the same flavours. With a long medicinal and moderately peaty retro-olfaction.
Impression: The nose was excellent, rather heavily peated, with a nice farmy flavours, while it becomes more floral and slightly fragrant on the palate, and less peaty as expected by the nose. Tasted much younger on the palate than the age indicated on the label.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A5

Longrow 1973, 30 YO, FoD, 55.6%, B:2003, Sherry cask. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Round, mellow, farmy, moderately peaty, on sultanas, dried fruits, mango, stables, some other exotic fruits, old leather, sea brine and orange. Seems less peaty and tarry than the Bourbon, but it is also richer and fruitier. Excellent.
Taste: Intense, complex, peaty, tarry, rubbery, on fresh rubber, farmy and slightly maritime peat smoke, some iodine, leather, sultanas, exotic fruits and liquorice roots. The finish is long and on the same flavours. Diluted, it becomes more rubbery, astringent and bitter.
Impression: The nose was excellent and very much to my liking, with its combination of dry farmy peat smoke, leather and exotic fruits. The rubbery flavours were light and well integrated on the nose, but it quickly gains in intensity on the palate and with a few drops of water, it becomes rather bitter and astringent.
Rating: 15/20 FP:H5

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