Magazines about whisky: Formerly, the maltadvocate. This is the first (and therefore the oldest) magazine dedicated to whisky, whiskey and bourbon. Contains the excellent blog "what does John know" written by John Hansell.

Whisky Magazine, available in English, French and Greek, it is a magazine dedicated only to whisky.

Scottish Field, features diverse article about Scotland and the scottish lifestyle, inlcuding whisky.

Websites about whisky:

General Information:

Official website of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA). The SWA does regroup most of the scotch distilleries and defends the interest of the scotch whisky. from our friend Serge Valentin. The largest collection of tasting notes available online! Warning: Highly addictive! from our friend Jean-Marie, a website dedicated to scotch whisky and scotch distilleries. Well done and very informative. Definitely worth a visit.

what does John know. One of the very best blog ,written by John Hansell, the editor of Whisky Advocate. A web based community on whisky. Multi-lingual website (Danish, English, French, German and Spanish) with information on distilleries, as well as news, events, links, and competitions. Classic Expressions was founded by two serious whisky enthusisasts, Ian Buxton and Neil Wilson and they are now publishing out-of-print books about whisky. I can only recommend their books. A blog orientated in the financial aspect of whisky, at the industry level, as well as the bottle level. Contains informations in English and/or German. The blog of Richard Paterson, the Master blender of Whyte & Mackay A new type of whiskywebsite allowing to share your whisky collection and tasting notes with other users and whisky enthusiasts. One of the most recent blog, created by the enthusiastic Angus. Very entertaining. A website launched in 2010 by Matt and Karen, with a modern and attractive layout and useful information. In addition, you can read all the latest news on their regularly updated blog: Created by Jim and Nicola, a nicely designed website, easy of access. A dynamic and entertaining blog created by Lucas and Chris about whisky and whisky in Edindurgh. A blog reflecting the personnality of its two founders: Joe and Neil. Very fresh and entertaining, giving some welcome fresh air and fun to the world of whisky. A very nicely made blog about the history of the Scotch single malt distilleries on the footsteps of Alfred Barnard, elegantly written and well researched. blog launched in 2013 by an American whisky enthusiast presenting is unfiltered and uncut independent opinion.


Auctions, Antique dealers & other specialist providers, the biggest and most reliable auction website for whiskies., a specialist UK auctioneer with a Whisky section This old auctionneer started recently (2009?) whisky auctions, with a selection of very nice bottles. Website launched in August 2009 by the famous Italian whisky collector Massimo Righi Website launched in 2012 (formerly by another famous Italian whisky collector Diego Sandrin with an impressive collection of Samaroli and other prestigious bottles. Website launched in 2009 by Luc Timmermans, Mr Glenfarclas. This website offers for sale 3cl samples of single malts whiskies, including collectors whiskies (such as old Bowmore from the 1960s), new releases and other exclusive whiskies. The prices are generally very correct, with a fast and worldwide delivery service.

Others A nicely website (in German) made by two very nice Germans: Chris and Stephan A catalogue of useful links related to whisky The two brothers Lukas and Philipp Burlet are proposing taylored whisky tastings in Switzerland A whisky blog created at the end of the 2009 and proposing whisky tasting in the Eastern part of Germany (Halle / Saale). A database containing all the whisky ratings from all the malt maniacs, the largest whisky database in the world.

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