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20 Feb


Allt-a-bhainne 108.8 1994, 12 YO, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 61%, B:2006, 570 b. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Nice, fresh, fragrant,floral, clean, with a discreet sherry influence. Diluted, it becomes creamier, on fudge and vanilla fudge.
Taste: Malty, oaky, spicy, alcoholic, slightly floral and quite winey. Diluted, it becomes creamier, on fudge and light floral flavours. The finish is short to medium, dry, oaky, on bitter toffee, with a light orange note. Rather winey.
Impression: A nice fresh and floral whisky, rich and tasting older than it is.
Rating: 14/20 FP:E1

Glenfarclas quarter casks 1988, OB, 46.1%, B:2008, 1478 bottles. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Nice and very round sherry nose, on clove, orange marmalade, vanilla and camomile.
Taste: Very sweet and fruity, with lots of candied tangerine, with some melon and papaya, as well as some cinnamon. The finish is medium, spicy, sweet, fruity and sugary.
Impression: This Glenfarclas is surprisingly sweet and fruity. A successful experiment.
Rating: 17/20 FP: E2

19 Feb

Linkwood 1964, Signatory, 49.3%, B:1990, cask 1860. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Very mellow, smooth, slightly smoky, peaty and grassy, on humus, honey, tobacco and crystallised fruits.
Taste:  Spicy to very spicy, mellow, rather juicy, fruity, with some peat smoke, honey, sultanas, diverse juicy and sweet fruity flavours, as well as some tobacco. The finish is medium to long, spicy, slightly woody, on tobacco, peat smoke, some humus, tangerine, light tannins, oranges and some grassy notes.
Impression: A very good, rather intense and complex Linkwood, on honey and grassy notes, as well as some pleasant old waxy peat smoke.
Rating: 17/20 FP:E2

Balblair 1964, Gordon & MacPhail, 40%, B: 1999. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Smoky, peaty, austere, slightly aromatic, on smooth and round sherry flavours, orange, tropical fruits, some eucalyptus and pine wax. A flavour profile different from the current production.
Taste: Fruity, austere, aromatic, on peat smoke, orange, eucalyptus, menthol, slight woody notes, tangerine, and a hint of juniper.The finish is long, slightly aromatic, austere, peaty ans smoky, with light notes of orange, tangerine, eucalyptus, juniper and other light spices.
Impression:  An old style of whisky, rather austere and with a nose starting on rather strong peat smoke flavours. Different from the current production, but very good.
Rating: 16/20 FP:E3

18 Feb

Port Ellen 1979 60th Anniversary, 30 YO, Douglas Laing, 55.6%, B: 2009, 234 bottles. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Smooth, round, slightly peaty and fishy, with some vanilla and a light mellow fruitiness. Medium peated.
Taste: Dry to very dry, salty, with some camphor, seaweeds, iodine, menthol and a light fragrance. Intense and subtle at the same time. The finish is long, maritime, dry, peaty, with a touch of toffee, and some vanilla. Austere.
Impression: An austere and dry expression of Port Ellen close to the Annual Release style, slightly dryer (due some extra wood influence?)
Rating: 17/20 FP:A7

Port Ellen 1983 Provenance, 26 YO, McGibbons, 46%, B: 2010, sherry butt 5746. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Very peaty and maritime, intense, with some chocolate, coffee, seaweeds and some tangerine. Surprisingly peaty for a Port Ellen of that vintage
Taste: Salty, maritime, peaty, slightly tarry and ashy, maritime, on tangerine and orange. Well balanced and sweet. The finish is long, maritime, on seaweeds, some tar, iodine, peat and pleasant sweet juicy and fruity notes.
Impression: A most pleasant sweet and peaty highly drinkable Port Ellen. Well balanced too.
Rating: 17/20 FP:E7

17 Fev

Balblair 1997 for La Maison du Whisky, OB, 56.3%, B:2017, cask 1146. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very round, mellow, smooth, juicy, fruity, slightly spicy, on sultanas, candied fruits, sweet oranges, tangerine, red berries, some figs and light aromas of exotic fruits. Very good.
Taste: Spicy to very spicy, oaky, mellow, on soft fruity flavours, figs, sultanas, candied oranges, tangerine, some cinnamon, toasted wood, leather and guava. Diluted, it becomes slightly rubbery. The finish is medium, round, mellow, sweet, fruity, on candied fruits, orange, tangerine, cinnamon, some cloves, leather and fudge.
Impression: A very good, round, mellow whisky with sweet candied fruits.
Rating: 16/20 FP:G1

Nikka from the Barrel, OB, 51.4%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Round, smooth, mellow, silky, slightly peaty, on leather, candied and dried fruits, sultanas, soft exotic fruits,  and some lacquer. Well balanced.
Taste: Mellow, silky, moderately peaty, well balanced, and slightly soft, on dry peat smoke, jasmine, lychees, soft spices, and some dried fruits. The finish is medium, very smooth, silky, slightly peaty, on rice cake, with some soft spices and sugary fruity flavours.
Impression: A very smooth and silky whisky, soft, and some pleasant peat smoke.
Rating: 14/20 FP:E3

15 Feb

Old Pulteney 1990 175th Anniversary Milan, 26 YO, Cadenhead’s, 52.6%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Mellow, intense, salty, slightly smoky, on sea brine, sea salt, some seaweeds, vanilla and a light smokiness. The sea brine influence is very pronounced and most enjoyable.
Taste: Intense to very intense, spicy, maritime, salty, coastal, rather mellow, on sea brine, some melon, vanilla and a touch of mango and tobacco quid. The finish is medium, mellow, salty, complex, coastal, on sea brine, coconut, some melon, vanilla and a light smokiness.
Impression: A very good and complex Old Pulteney, with a nice and intense saltiness. It is not often that one can taste such a salty Pulteney at this age.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A2

Springbank 2003 175h Anniversary Aberdeen, 13 YO, Cadenhead’s, 57.0%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Round, slightly salty, round, with lots of fudge, on sea brine, a light smokiness and a touch of rubber.
Taste: Intense, salty, rubbery, smoky, on fresh rubber, fudge, sea brine, some diesel smoke and red berries. The finish is medium, salty, rubbery, slightly smoky, on fresh rubber, sea brine, red berries and some sultanas. Diluted, it becomes saltier and more rubbery.
Impression: A Springbank on rubber, salt and fudge. Not really my type of Springbank.
Rating: 12/20 FP:D1

14 Feb

Laphroaig 1977, OB, 43%. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Intense, peaty, smoky, maritime, slightly medicinal, on seaweeds, grapefruits, tropical fruits and a long intense slightly tarry peat smoke. The mixture of the peat smoke and the fruits is excellent.
Taste: Smoky, peaty, maritime, slightly medicinal and citric, on pink grapefruit, peat smoke, some bonfire smoke and sea salt. The finish is long, very smoky, peaty, and maritime, on pink grapefruit, some sea brine and seaweeds.
Impression: An excellent, complex and smoky Laphroaig, with a lot of pink grapefruits and some other fruity flavours.
Rating: 17/20 FP:C4

13 Feb

Old Taylor, 6 YO, OB, 40%, B: 1980s. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Sweet, rich, intense, sugary, on corn syrup, peach, apricot, some pepper, cooked cereals, and a light fragrance. Very good.
Taste: Smooth, spicy, rich, sweet, on sweet fruity flavours of tinned (canned) peaches and apricots, maple syrup, soft spices, some pepper, caramel and a slight fragrance. The finish is medium, sweet, complex, well balanced, fruity, and slightly spicy, on peach, apricots, maple syrup and light peppery flavours, as well as some caramel. Diluted, it becomes slightly soapy.
Impression: A very good, sweet, rich and fruity Bourbon, with the right dose of spiciness. Rather intense and well balanced. From the old E.H. Taylor distillery. Thank you Enrico.
Rating: 15/20 FP:B1

Heaven Hill 1995, Cadenhead’s, 63%, B:2000. 216 bottles. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Fragrant, dry, spicy, oaky, pepper, on orange skin, marmalade, some vanilla and toasted wood. A rather dry version of Heaven Hill, that becomes smoother given time. Very intense.
Taste: Intense to very intense, fragrant, dry, slightly peppery, on floral fragrance, pepper, rye, some peach, treacle and honey. The finish is medium, intense, dry, fragrant, on perfume, nuts, dusty pepper, some marmalade, toffee and oaky spices.
Impression: A very intense, dry and peppery Heaven Hill. From far, the driest and most peppery whiskey I have tasted from that distillery. Thank you Martin.
Rating:12/20 FP:A1

12 Feb

Bowmore 2001 175th Anniversary for Baden, 16 YO, Cadenhead’s, 54.8%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Very peaty and maritime, dry, smoky, slightly oaky, on seaweeds, peat and wood smoke and some iodine, light notes of camphor. Rather subtle.
Taste: Oaky, spicy to very spicy, bitter, peaty, maritime, on iodine, seaweeds, freshly sawn oak, lots of vanilla and light creamy flavours. The finish is medium, dry, peaty, oaky to very oaky, bitter, slightly maritime, on vanilla, vanilla custard, iodine, disinfectant, peat smoke and toasted wood.
Impression: An original Bowmore, with a very peaty nose, and a rather oaky and creamy taste, with strong medicinal flavours. A whisky with a strong personality.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A4

Laphroaig 1998 175th Anniversary for Salzburg, 18 YO, Cadenhead’s, 57.4%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Maritime, peaty, very medicinal, slightly oaky, on toasted wood, camphor, disinfectant, lots of seaweeds, and some iodine.
Taste: Oaky to very oaky, spicy, very smoky, peaty, maritime, on seaweeds, lots of smoke, some peat, iodine, disinfectant, kippers. The salty flavours become stronger over time. The finish is medium, mellow, salty, smoky, maritime, slightly peaty and medicinal, on sea salt, kipper, peat smoke, oak spices and some medicinal flavours.
Impression: A Laphroaig with a flavour profile close the Bowmore, but saltier and smokier.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A5

11 Feb

Clynelish 15 YO, Master of Malt 56.1%, B: 2013. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Smoky, dry, peaty, floral, slightly aromatic, rather clean and meaty, with some tarry notes and on vanilla.
Taste: Dry to very dry, bitter, clean to very clean, young and spirit. Let’s quickly add some water. Diluted, it remains spirity, burning your taste buds, with some sweet influence of a young whisky associated with a rather harsh and oaky mouth feel.
Impression: A fierce, rather harsh and spirity whisky. It taste very young, as if the cask was inactive.
Rating: 07/20 FP:A7

Clynelish 1974, 32 YO, The Whisky Fair, 58.6%, B:2006, 266 bottles. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Mineral, farmy, waxy, slightly austere and dry, on mustard, lots of grapefruits, some  aromatic and slightly peated smoke. It becomes grassier over time and with some menthol. Very good.
Taste: Round, waxy, slightly mineral, on sweet citric flavours, some mustard seeds, light farmy and smoky flavours, pink grapefruits and mineral oil. The finish is medium to long, waxy, citric, intense, slightly farmy and mineral, on pink grapefruits, light aromas of bitter lemon, some peat smoke and gentian.
Impression:  A very good old fashioned Clynelish, citric and rather farmy. The profile is close to some Brora.
Rating: 17/20 FP:A3

10 Feb

Tullibardine 1993 175th Anniversary Cologne, 23 YO, Cadenhead’s, 48.6%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Round, warm, slightly spicy, floral, creamy and fruity, on vanilla, some melon, mango and heather. Well balanced.
Taste: Spicy to very spicy, floral, round, slightly peppery, winey and oaky, with some vanilla, melon, heather and oak extracts. The finish is medium, spicy to very spicy, floral, round, slightly winey, on heather, round spicy flavours, wood spices, light creamy and buttery flavours, as well as some perfume.
Impression: A very good Tullibardine, combining intense spicy flavours with some soft creamy milky and vanilla flavours.
Rating: 15/20 FP:A1

Glenburgie 1992 175th Anniversary London, 25 YO, Cadenhead’s, 53.7%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Light, subtle, floral, oaky, slightly fragrant, on oak spices, some vanilla, ginger, freshly sawn wood and a touch of honey.
Taste: Spicy, rich, floral, intense, on warm and rich spicy flavours, vanilla, nice round floral flavours, warm vanilla custard and honey. The finish is medium, round, spicy, slightly floral, on round and soft honey flavours, round spices and floral flavours.
Impression: A nicely balanced, round and floral whisky, with pleasantly round and warm vanilla custard.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A1

09 Feb

Glen Garioch Hand Filled 1999 Wine Cask, 18 YO, OB, 56.5%, B:2017, cask 1420. Price:
Colour: Old gold-red
Nose: Winey, mineral, slightly sweet, waxy, peaty and smoky, with an aromatic peat smoke, grapes, and grenadine syrup and metallic brushes. Complex to very complex. Smells like an old Glen Garioch from the late 1970s.
Taste: Round to very round, winey, sugary, spicy, on ginger, grapes, fudge, butterscotch, some heather, light mineral flavours and grenadine syrup. Over time, it becomes slightly smokier and more mineral. The finish is medium, rather winey, spicy, on red grapes, fudge, some ginger, vanilla, and grenadine syrup.
Impression: A Glen Garioch with a rather mineral and smoky nose and with a rather strong influence of red wine, slightly too much to my liking. Thank you Lorzeno.
Rating: 14/20 FP:G1

Glen Garioch 1975 The Birds, Moon Import, 46%, B: 1990, barrel 5910, 706 bottles. Price:
Colour: Pale gold-gold
Nose: Peaty to very peaty, smoky, dry, mineral, aromatic, slightly austere, on tar, some soot and farmy flavours. Very enjoyable.
Taste: Intense, smoky, peaty to very peaty, farmy, waxy, citric, on peat smoke, citrus, some liquorice, smoked bacon and ham, aromatic herbs, pepper and ginger. The finish is long, intense, peaty, farmy, dry, waxy, slightly austere and aromatic, with some leather, citrus, quince, Mirabelle, pepper, tar, soot and cold ashes. Diluted, it becomes waxier, more aromatic, farmy, with some chocolate and pink grapefruit, with a twist of lemon
Impression: An excellent Glen Garioch, intense, complex, peaty, with a nice waxiness and farmy flavours. A typical heavily peated Glen Garioch from the mid-1970s, slightly smooth. Not disappointed.
Rating: 19/20 FP:A2

08 Feb

Glen Garioch Bottle Hand Filled 2000, 17 YO, OB, 53.7%, B:2017, cask 574. Price:
Colour: Gold-old gold
Nose: Rather heavy and waxy, round to very round, creamy, with strong aromas of warm waffles, on maple syrup, vanilla custard, some heather honey, melon and quince.
Taste: Waxy, spicy, round, mellow, on candied ginger, wax, some light mineral flavours, heather honey, melon, guava, mango and some other exotic fruits. Becomes fruitier over time. The finish is medium to long, waxy, on candied ginger, guava, papaya, vanilla, some honey and herbs candies (Ricola).
Impression: A surprising Glen Garioch. On the nose, it was very round, creamy and on waffle, while on the palate, it delivered some very good sweet fruity flavours of mango and papaya. Very good! Thank you Lorenzo.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A1

07 Feb

Teaninich 1993 175th Anniversary for Odense (Denmark), 23 YO, Cadenhead’s, 52.3%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Straw
Nose: Mellow, rich, complex, very fruity, creamy, on vanilla, some papaya and soft exotic fruits.
Taste: Spicy to very spicy, round, floral, slightly nutty, on vanilla, some pepper, mango, papaya and soft exotic fruits. The finish is medium, spicy, floral, round, mellow, fruity, with some humus and exotic fruits. Diluted, it becomes slightly more on humus and tobacco.
Impression: A very good and complex Teaninich, with nice spicy and fruity flavours.
Rating: 16/20 FP:A1

Arran 1995 175th Anniversary for Berlin (Germany), 21 YO, Cadenhead’s, 49.5%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral, very round, creamy, on vanilla, some melon and a touch of mango. Complex and mellow.
Taste: Oaky, spicy to very spicy, floral, peppery, with some menthol, vanilla and mango. The finish is medium, spicy to very spicy, floral, and slightly bitter, with some hops and nuts.
Impression: A whisky with a pleasant and round nose, but rather spicy and oaky on the palate.
Rating: 13/20 FP:A1

06 Feb

Miltonduff 1966, Antica Casa, Marchesi Spinola, 61.4%, B:1990. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Very intense and rich, spicy to very spicy, smoky, nutty, floral, complex, on nuts, leather, cinnamon, nutmeg, humus, orange, old smoke with a hint of peat, some dried fruits and a touch of honey. A thick and very intense old fashioned type of sherry matured whisky. Excellent.
Taste: Thick, heavy, chewy, resinous, floral, with loads of dried fruits, walnuts, some treacle, berries, candied oranges and pears. Complex and with an excellent mouth feel. The finish is very long, thick, chewy, resinous to very resinous, nutty, slightly smoky and floral, lots of dried fruits (including sultanas), cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg and cocoa.
Impression: An excellent, rich and complex Miltonduff.  An old style of sherry matured whisky and a nice thick and resinous mouth feel. I love this old style of whisky. I wished we had more malt like this one. Thank you Dirk!
Rating: 19/20 FP:G2

05 Feb

Bowmore Vault N°1, OB, 51.5%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Salty, maritime, young, smoky, slightly peaty, bitter and rooty, with some almonds, vanilla, seaweeds and peat smoke.
Taste: Salty to very salty, rooty to very rooty, smoky, peaty, maritime, slightly young and light, on seaweeds, peat smoke, sea salt, some vanilla, almonds, tar and bitter rooty flavours. The finish is medium, salty, smoky, slightly oaky, with some peat smoke, bitter rooty flavours, vanilla and almonds
Impression: A rather salty and young expression, rather smooth and moderately smoky. Not as intense or smoky as the Tempest, but saltier.
Rating: 11/20 FP:A4

Octomore 2011, The Whisky Agency and Acla Selection, 51.9%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Pale gold
Nose: Oaky, dry, tarry, very peaty, rather smooth, on dry peat smoke, tar, camphor, some spearmint, and liquorice roots.
Taste: Intense to very intense, young, rooty to very rooty, peaty to very peaty, with some camphor, iodine, seaweeds, spearmint, vanilla, and tar. The finish is medium, intense, on a complex and medicinal peat smoke, with some iodine, camphor, and spearmint.
Impression: A good intense Octomore, slightly oaky, with a rather rooty influence and a nice and rather complex peat smoke. It is rare to taste independent bottling of Octomore.
Rating: 14/20 FP:A7

04 Feb

Glenrothes 1988, OB, 43%, B:2011. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Mellow, floral, complex, fruity, slightly round and spicy, with some tangerine, orange and light aromas of honey and tropical fruits. Well balanced.
Taste: Mellow to very mellow, slightly floral, on sweet and soft fruity flavours,
 exotic fruits, juicy tangerine, some orange juice, soft spices and a nice complexity. The finish is medium to long, juicy, floral, and fruity, on honey, light grassy flavours, tangerine, some orange, exotic fruits and orchard fruits.
Impression: A very good, sweet, juicy, fruity and mellow Glenrothes, with a nice balance and complexity.
Rating: 16/20 FP:E1

J&B 20 YO Pure Malt, OB, 43%, B:1980s. Price:
Colour: Old gold
Nose: Smooth, mellow, rich, floral, nutty, on some dry smoke, peat smoke, leather, candied fruits, tangerine, cinnamon, various spices. Rather complex.
Taste: Nutty to very nutty, smoky, floral to very floral, slightly fragrant, on tangerine some cold ashes, peat smoke, light aromatic flavours and a touch or oranges. The finish is medium, smooth, and mellow to very mellow, rich, nutty, on sweet and cooked fruits, mainly tangerine, some coal, ashes, and dry peat smoke. Complex. Diluted, it becomes slightly more on honey.
Impression: A very good old fashioned whisky, with a mixture of nutty, floral and sweet fruity flavours, with a lingering dry mineral smoke.
Rating: 16/20 FP:F3

03 Feb

Glenrothes Sherry Cask Reserve, OB, 40%, B:2017. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Spicy, floral, mellow, round to very round, on toffee, fudge, heather and rubber. More rubbery than the sherry cask.
Taste: Rubbery to very rubbery, floral, fragrant, on rubber, vegetal condiment, orange, cinnamon and cloves. The finish is medium and on the same flavours, with some additional flavours of burnt matches. Diluted, it becomes more rubbery.
Impression: A round, floral and very rubbery whisky. The rubber flavours are dominating the whisky, unfortunately.
Rating: 10/20 FP:J1

Glenrothes 1995 American Oak, OB, 45%, B:2016. Price:
Colour: Old gold-amber
Nose: Spicy to very spicy, floral, on toffee, heather, some vegetal condiments and rubber.
Taste: Oaky to very oaky, spicy, slightly floral and fragrant, on toffee, some fudge, orange, tangerine, cinnamon and cocoa. The finish is medium, round, spicy, oaky, grassy, with some cinnamon, toffee, fudge, heather and orange. Diluted, it becomes more oaky and on tobacco quid.
Impression: A good expression of Glenrothes, with rather oaky-spicy flavours. It seems like the casks have been very active in this whisky made with 1st fill sherry cask only.
Rating: 13/20 FP:D1

02 Feb

Dewar’s Ne Plus Ultra The Very Finest, OB, 43%, B:1955. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Floral to very floral, smooth to very smooth, nutty, slightly smoky and mineral, with some aromatic herbs, honey, old mineral and slightly peaty smoke, walnuts and some pollen. Rather complex.
Taste: Rich, smooth to very smooth, slightly grainy, starchy and aromatic, with some peat smoke, heather honey, walnuts, leather, old furniture, fruit jam and light mineral and nutty flavours. The finish is medium, mellow, rich, complex, slightly earthy and smoky, with some peat smoke, heather honey, humus, walnuts, old wet tobacco leaves for pipes, peach, apricots and tangerine.
Impression: A nice smooth and well-balanced blend, rather complex, with a mixture of heather honey, nuts and a light smokiness. An old style and very enjoyable blend.
Rating: 15/20 FP:G2

Bell’s 20 YO Royal Reserve White Label, OB, B:1960s. Price:
Colour: Gold
Nose: Malty, floral, smooth, mellow, malty, nutty, slightly smoky, on honey, some honeycomb, vanilla and light malty and nutty flavours.
Taste: Light, floral to very floral, slightly dry, resinous, peaty and aromatic, on dry flowers, some tobacco, honeycomb, humus and aromatic herbs. Diluted, it becomes dryier and with some hay. The finish is medium, grassy, floral, slightly resinous, smoky and fruity and on the same flavours as on the nose.
Impression: A nice blend, but dryer and more floral than the Dewar’s and slightly less complex as well.
Rating: 13/20 FP:F1

01 Fev

White Horse Spring Cap (4/5 quart), OB, 86.8 Proof, B:1950s. Price:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Peaty, dry to very dry, floral, waxy, tarry to very tarry, sooty, resinous, slightly medicinal, on metallic wool, soot, peat smoke, seaweeds, old leather, tannins, sultanas, camphor, bandages, orange and some tangerine. Very good and very far from the current White Horse.
Taste: Dry, waxy to very waxy, slightly grainy, aromatic, sooty and mineral, with some starch, peat smoke, tar, coal, soot, old sea weeds, sultanas, honey and old resins. The finish is medium, round, grainy, smoky, maritime, peaty, slightly fruity, on sultanas, orange, resins, spare ribs, smoked meat and earthy flavours. With strong BBQ flavours and some black liquorice.
Impression: A very good and complex White Horse, slightly woody, on an intense, mellow peat smoke and with very strong flavours of BBQ meat grilled on a charcoal fire. The darkest White Horse that I have tasted so far and very different from the current production. Thank you Roger.
Rating: 16/20 FP:G4

Inchmurrin Whiskynerds 2003 Law, 14 YO, OB, 56.3%, B:2017, cask 17/169-1, 264 bottles. Price:
Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Intense, smoky, slightly earthy, on cocoa, earthy peat smoke, dried and candied fruits, high grade leather, orange, some bloody orange, sultanas and humus.
Taste: Rich, intense, peaty, slightly earthy and smoky, sweet, floral, on canned tropical fruits, sultanas, pineapples, cherries, plums, figs and raisins soaked in alcohol. The finish is long, thick, rich, intense, syrupy and on the same flavours.
Impression: A very good expression of Inchmurrin, with a complex and rich sherry influence. Rounder and more chewy than the executive and less floral as well. Thank you Roger.
Rating: 17/20 FP:G2

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