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New Make: synonym or equivalent words: Make, Spirit, Distillate, Clearic. The make is the product of a distillery and is called spirit until it has been matured for at least 3 years in Scotland after which it can be called whisky. This is the colourless product running out of the spirit still at a strength usually varying between 65-70% alcohol by volume (ABV) in Scotland malt distilleries. In the past, it used to be drunk by distillery workers while dramming was still in practice (until app. 1970s). Once into a cask, the new make becomes the “fillings”.


New Oak: term defining casks which have not previously contained any whisky or other spirit. Traditionally, the whisky is matured in cask that have previously contained bourbon, sherry or eventually other fortified spirits or wine (see refill). It is considered that new oak would too harsh for whisky maturation. Glenmorangie was a pioneer in new oak maturation.


New Wood: see new oak.