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31Aug 2009

Clynelish over 5 YO, OB, 43%, B: 1970s. Price: N.A.

Colour: Pale yellow

Nose: Mineral, clean, on cold ashes, seaweed and old peat smoke. Diluted, it becomes more on cold ashes.

Taste: Dry, peaty, salty, waxy, on seaweed and grapefruit. The finish is long, on old peat and tobacco smoke, with some gentian, and liquorice root.

General Impression: A very good old Clynelish from the old Brora distillery, surprisingly complex and intense for its age. I wished we had more 5 years old malt like this one!

Rating: 18/20

27Aug 2009

Clynelish 1965, 28 YO, Signatory, 50.7%, B: 1993, cask 666. Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: Lots of orange, grassy, on "gelly" fruits, with some bonfire and old leather.

Taste: Spicy, mineral, peaty, sweet, grassy, tarry, and on lemon grass. Quite thick and bold. Diluted, it becomes more fruity and on lychees. The finish is long, dry, mineral, peaty, and fruity. Diluted, it becomes citric.

General Impression:  An excellent Clynelish (Brora), surprisingly close to the old 5 and 12 YO official bottlings (43%) from the early 1970s. Thank you Patrick S.

Rating: 18/20

26Aug 2009

Clynelish 14 YO bottled for the Royal Marine Hotel, D: ~1965, OB, 92° proof. Price: N.A.

Colour: Old gold

Nose: Starts on floral notes (daffodils), with some citric notes (mix of lemon and orange), maritime notes, then mineral flavours (flint stone) and clean peat can be smelled.

Taste: Clean, heavily peated,with a mineral coldness, some gentian, malt and old smoke. The finish is quite long, clean, floral (gentian), peaty, smoky and mineral.

General Impression: A very nice old Cynelish (Brora), very clean, mineral and peaty, quite complex. Quite different from the Clynelish or Brora from the 1970s.

Rating: 18/20

25Aug 2009

Clynelish 1971 OMC, 38 YO, Douglas Laing, 47.9%, B: 2009, Ref 5055, 145 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Clean, intense, smoky, mineral, peaty and quite austere.

Taste: Spicy to very spicy, mineral, slightly meaty, quite round, with some fruitiness (pear), oaky and mellow. The finish is long, round, fruity, mineral, with some oakiness. Diluted, it becomes more bitter.

General Impression: A very nice Clynelish, quite close to the 1971 36 YO bottled some years ago in the same serie, but with more roundness on the palate.

Rating: 18/20 FP:D3

24Aug 2009

Highland Park 21 YO for Global Retail, 47.9%, OB, B: 2008. Price: FP:

Colour: Old Gold.

Nose: Smoky, slightly mineral and meaty, with some orange, tangerine, burnt wood smoke, with a very slight rubbery note.

Taste:  Smooth, salty, maritime, smoky, slightly mineral, complex, with a nice oakiness and on tangerine. Diluted, it becomes more on honey. The finish is long, slightly dry and mineral, on peat smoke, with a nice oakiness and fruitiness.

General Impression: A lovely Highland Park, harmonious, with some light mineral notes that I enjoyed very much. Voted as "World's Best Single Malt Whisky" at the World Whiskies Awards 2009. Since August 2009, this whisky is only available at reduced strength (40%).

Rating: 17/20 FP:D4

22Aug 2009

Highland Park Hjärta, OB, 12 YO, 58.1%, B: 2009. 3924 bottles Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Fresh, young, slightly malty, sulfury (burnt matches) and rubbery, maritime, and then it becomes smokier and sweeter.

Taste: Sweet, malty, on milk chocolate, honey, tangerine, orange, mild spices, with some seaweeds, heather and peat smoke. Diluted, it becomes more rubbery. The finish is medium to long, sweet, mouth coating, on cocoa, orange, toffee, with some tangerines and mild spices.

General Impression: A nice sweet Highland Park, sherried, slightly young, but pleasant. The Hjarta is bottled exclusively for UK and Sweden. Thank you Misako.

Rating: 15/20 FP: F3

20Aug 2009

Clynelish 1983 26.51, 23 YO, SMWS, B: 2007 Price:

Colour: Straw

Nose: Smoky, peppery, maritime, clean, and mineral, with a quite strong presence of kelp. Diluted, it becomes more mineral and Brora-like.

Taste: Very salty, meaty, very maritime, peaty, on seaweed and with some oakiness. Intense. The finish is long, smooth and waxy, on liquorice root and fudge, with some nice mineral influence.

General Impression: A very good Clynelish, intense and very pleasant. Reminding of some Brora whiskies. Thank you Alain M.

Rating: 17/20

17Aug 2009

Glendronach 1992 Oloroso butt for Parker, OB, 17 YO, 58.8%, B: 2009, cask 401, 626 bottles. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Very sherried, on leather, ripped oranges, tangerines, tannins, raisins and some toffee.

Taste: Sirupy, spicy, floral, smoky, fruity, slightly rubbery, on orange, tangerine, raisin, some chocolate, dried figs, papaya and “bas-armagnac” flavours. The finish is long, syrupy, slightly dry, tannic, on orange, tangerine and fig.

General Impression: A very sherried GlenDronach with a strong sherry influence and on sun dried figs. Slightly more floral than the Versailles.

Rating: 17/20 FP: I3

16Aug 2009

GlenDronach 1994 Oloroso Puncheon for Parkers whisky, OB, 14 YO, 58.5%, B: 2009, cask 2311, 596 bottles, Price:

Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Floral, with some hay and pollen, slightly smoky, smooth, with a hint of damassine or quetsch (small plums).

Taste: Very sweet, sugary, spicy, slightly humic, creamy, slightly syrupy, with some maltiness and peat smoke, berries and crème brûlée, with some berries and damassine. The finish is medium, sugary, syrupy, fruity (quince, damassine and tangerine), creamy, with a thread of smoke.

General Impression: In this Glendronach, the sherry influence is most discreet (3rd fill sherry?), resulting in a well textured whisky, with more complexity than the 12 YO OB.

Rating: 14/20 FP:E2

14Aug 2009

Clynelish 1995 for Germany, 11 YO, Hart Brother’s, 52.5%, cask 12782, 222 b. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Peaty, very maritime, on cresole, dried kelp and seashells, slightly tarry, with some pineapple sweetness.

Taste: Sweet, salty to very salty, very coastal, on burnt wood, peat, burnt sugar, tangerine, bitter orange and some marzipan. Diluted, it looses its structure. The finish is medium to long, bitter-dry, on orange marmelade, sea shells and seweeds, peat and a hint of pear.

General Impression: A very nice, charming, and fast maturing Clynelish with a strong maritime influence.

Rating: 17/20 FP:F2

12Aug 2009

Clynelish 1973, 33 YO, Signatory, B:2006, 54.2%, cask 8914, 455 bottles. Price:

Colour: Pale yellow –straw.

Nose: Smoky, citric, fruity (lots of pineapple, melon and some peaches and apricots), peaty, and sunbathed barley. Clean.

Taste: Peaty, smoky, dry, slightly bitter and yeasty, on tobacco ashes, lemon, pineapples and melon. Very fruity. The finish is of medium length to long, peaty, smoky and dry, before it moves on fruity tones (pineapple, mango and melon).

General Impression: A very fruity Clynelish, quite peaty, but also relatively dry, bitter and yeasty.

Rating: 17/20

10Aug 2009

Clynelish 1971 Premier Malts, 32 YO, JWWW (Jack Wiebers), 54.2%, cask 2704, Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: A very nice mixture of ripe fruits (guava, mango and papaya), with some old peat smoke. Sweet, juicy and very appetizing.

Taste: Slightly peaty, salty, on juicy malt, pollen, a touch of honey and some spring flowers, with juicy peach, papaya and guava. The finish is long, oily-sirupy, where tangerine, grapes and old peat smoke are melding nicely together.

General Impression: A much pleasant sweet and fruity Clyenlish from the 1970s.

Rating: 17/20

08Aug 2009

Clynelish 1979 Refill Sherry, 21 YO, The Bottlers, B:2000, 62.3%, cask 8333. Price:

Colour: Old gold

Nose: Farmy, very clean, peaty, spicy and on candied oranges.

Taste: Very spicy, quite heavily peated, smoky, clean, mineral, fuity (oranges, tangerine and a lot of grapefruit), with some burnt sugar. The finish is long, peaty, farmy, on grapefruits and marmalade.

General Impression: This is not a fruit-bomb, but a clean, quite mineral and peaty Clynelish, may be from a refill fino cask. Not an easy whisky, but I like it very much and the Clynelish addicts might love it.

Rating: 18/20

05Aug 2009

Dailuaine 1982, 16 YO, The Bottlers, 58.2%, B: 1999, cask 4563. Price:

Colour: Gold.

Nose: Rich and floral nose, intense, soft and malty and on tangerine.

Taste: Sweet, soft, malty, rich, floral (end of spring flowers), on mild spices, pollen, some honey and tangerine. Well balanced. The finish is medium to long, soft, floral, on honey, crushed barley, some spices and tangerine.

General impression: Dailuaine is not the most well-known speyside distillery. This does not present prevent this distillery to produce a remarkable whisky. A Dailuaine bottled in 2008 by Jean Boyer Impressed me, and this one, reminds me of similar pleasure.

Rating: 17/20   FP:D1

02Aug 2009

Coleburn 1983 Fossils series, 26 YO, The Whisky Agency, 49.5%, B: 2009, 120 bottles. Price:

Colour: Straw

Nose: Floral, quite earthy and smoky, oaky, clean, quite fresh, with some marzipan, apricot and peach.

Taste: Quite spicy (soft spices), oaky, smooth, mellow, slightly smoky, on spring flowers and fudge. The finish is medium, quite earthy, oaky, slightly smoky, floral and clean.

General Impression: A very nice malt, rather clean and earthy, with a nice oakiness and some smokiness. For your information, the Whisky Agency is new independent bottler based in Germany offering a nice selection of whisky

Rating: 15/20 FP:C3

01Aug 2009

Inverleven 1967, 30 YO, The Bottlers, 53.2%, B: 1997, cask 3824 Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Malty, slightly smoky and meaty (old smoke bacon), floral, on pollen, crème brûlée, tangerine and old wooden furniture.

Taste: Quite spirity, oaky, floral, with some bitterness and smokiness, on hay, toffee and some expresso. The finish is medium to long, a bit rough, floral, bitter, and slightly smoky.

General Impression: A good whisky, but getting a bit old.

Rating: 13/20 FP:D3

30 Jul 2009

Balmenach 1984 Spanish sherry, 21 YO, The Bottlers, 57.8%  B: 2005, cask 3056. Price:

Colour: Old gold

Nose: Very nice sherry nose, earthy, oaky, smooth, spicy, on orange, honey and vanilla.

Taste: Spicy, chewy, grassy, earthy, smooth, intense, complex, on tobacco smoke, very juicy malt and some cream fudge. The finish is medium, chewy, earthy, grassy, with a nice round sherry flavour.

General Impression: A succulent Balmenach, rich, complex, with the sherry very nicely integrating the spirit. A most pleasant experience.

Rating: 17/20

28 Jul 2009

Mortlach 1983 Bodega American Oak, 18 YO, The Bottlers, 57%, B: 2001, Cask 2378. Price:

Colour: Gold- old gold

Nose: Floral, malty, slightly sulphury, meaty and with nicely sherried.

Taste: Malty, soapy, nicely smooth, spicy, oaky, on cardboard and grapes. Slightly harsh and bitter. Diluted it becomes slightly rubbery. The finish is medium, malty, winey, oaky, on grape juice, toffee, and orange.

General Impression: I enjoyed this whisky very much, and although it might have a slightly harsh/oaky side, probably coming from the American sherry cask. The result is appealing, with a smooth and almost sugary malt.

Rating: 16/20

26 Jul 2009

Benrinnes 1985 Sherry butt, 17 YO, The Bottlers, 60.2%, B: 2002, cask 1852, Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Floral, malty, slightly “cardboardy” and smoky, on fresh rubber and herb spices (Maggi). A very pleasant sherry.

Taste: Malty, rubbery, spicy (ginger), floral, slightly sulphury and alcoholic, on orange, tangerine, and soja cake. Diluted, it gets more rubbery and soapy. The finish is medium, malty, slightly smoky, very round and with a lot of rubber.

General Impression: A pleasant and round Benrinnes, quite rubbery, but far from being unpleasant.

Rating: 15/20

24 Jul 2009

Clynelish 1984, 16 YO, The Bottlers, 58.5%, B: 2000. Cask 4016, Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Meaty, farmy, peaty, with a nice round sherry influence.

Taste: Spicy to very spicy, salty, smoky, peaty, quite intense, on juicy malt, with a nice sherry and tangerine influence. The finish is long, winey, smoky and peaty, spicy, nutty, round, on toffee and slightly tarry.

General Impression: A fine example of sherry-matured Clynelish.

Rating: 16/20

22 Jul 2009

Glenugie 1981, 22 YO, Chieftains, 52.5%, cask 5134, 654 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold

Nose: Juicy malt, very round and smooth (creamy), on vanilla, chestnuts and tangerine. It opens with some water, gets fresher, more floral and with nice ripe fruit flavours.

Taste: Nutty, slightly spicy, bitter and rubbery, creamy, floral (geranium), on vanilla  and toffee. Diluted, it becomes more fruity: on oranges and tangerines, with some salt. The finish is of medium length, smooth, clean, on bitter toffee, cream fudge, tobacco smoke, oranges and tangerine.

General Impression: There are quite few Glenugie on the market, and this one is very pleasant, creamy and fruity. It leaves a good impression on the palate.

Rating: 16/20

20 Jul 2009

Glenugie 1982 OMC, 27 YO, Douglas Laing, 50%, B: 2009, Ref 5040, 216 bottles. Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: Very smooth and floral, on pollen, with a light fruitiness.

Taste: Dry, bitter, a bit rough, on pollen, with some fudge and honey. The finish is medium, floral, round, oaky and a bit rough.

General Impression: A very floral and smooth whisky, past its prime age. It is not tannic, but the spirit is quite thin and the wood quite noticeable.

Rating: 10/20 FP: B1

19 Jul 2009

Clynelish 1971 Mission, 36 YO, Murray McDavid, 51.5%, B: 2007, 265 bottles. Price:

Colour: Gold.

Nose: Smooth, sweet, oaky, with a nice spiciness, slightly mineral and maritime, quite mustardy and floral, with some bitter notes.

Taste: Round, smooth, oaky, with a nice spiciness, some light mineral and bitter notes, mustardy and quite floral. The finish is long, round, maritime, smoky, slightly mineral and spicy.

General Impression: A very nice smooth Clynelish, maybe a bit too docile and round for some Clynelish addicts?

Rating: 17/20 FP:D2

15 Jul 2009

Glenkinchie 1982, 18 YO, Cadenhead's, 56.5%. Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: Very smooth, floral, grassy, round, on lemon grass and vanilla.

Taste: Light, floral, round, with some fudge and a hint of smoke. The final is medium, light, floral, fruity, with some round notes and apples. Diluted it becomes more bitter.

General Impression: A light Glenkinchie rather unbalanced, a crossover between a young and an old whisky.

Rating: 13/20 FP:D2

13 Jul 2009

Glenkinchie sherry 1975, Malts of Scotland, 57.2%, B: 2009, cask 2968, 174 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Sweet, floral, malty, on tangerine, peach and dried apricots.

Taste: Spicy, slightly hot, oaky, on vanilla, peach, tangerine, honey, Christmas cake, with some grassy, malty and smoky notes. The finish is long, with just a touch of bitterness, otherwise, it is sweet, fruity and on peach juice.

General Impression: Independent Glenkinchie are very rare and this even is even from a sherry cask! The result is a sweet and fruity whisky, with a mouthfeel reminding me of some slightly sparkling fruit juices. Quite surprising and good.

Rating: 16/20 FP:E1

10 Jul 2009

Glendronach 1990, 13 YO, Murray McDavid, 46%, MM579. Price:

Colour: Pale yellow.

Nose: Light, fragrant, floral, quite weak and on vanilla.

Taste: Sweet, on juicy malt, a bit rough, floral, light and not fully matured. The finish is short, floral, fragrant, quite harsh, with some sawdust.

General Impression: The cask contributed mainly to some rough edges, but not much more. I have tasted better Glendronach.

Rating: 09/20 FP:A1

08 Jul 2009

Glendronach 1987, 9 YO, Signatory, 43%, B: 1997, Sherry butt 62. Price:

Colour: Old gold-amber

Nose: Sweet, sherried, slightly meaty, floral, slightly yeasty, with light cardboard, plums and berries flavours. Diluted, it becomes more on treacle, burnt sugar and toffee.

Taste: Spicy, on vegetamine (Maggi), with tome leather, tangerine, and berries. The finish is long, syrupy, round, with some leather, tannins, tangerine as well as some berries.

General Impression:  A good Glendronach, syrupy, and quite thick.

Rating: 12/20 FP:G3

07 Jul 2009

Glendronach 16 YO selected by The Whisky Club and Versailles, OB, 60.8%, D: 1992, B: 2009, cask 39, 306 bottles. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Strong sherry notes, on leather, tangerine, bloody orange with a nice "velvety" structure. Rich, intense and complex, without any rubber.

Taste: Thick, fully bodied, fragrant, floral, slightly peaty, on tannins, leather, treacle, orange, tangerine, with some beeswax. Complex and very intense. The finish is long, thick, syrupy, on  fudge, orange, wild berries and some peat smoke.

General Impression: An excellent Glendronach, from a flawless sherry cask, complex and very intense. Delicious (and luck Dutch). More intense than the 15 and 18 YO bottlings. This cask was shared between the Nümegen Whisky Club and the Dutch Importer Versailles. The first single cask bottling under the new ownership?

Rating: 18/20 FP:J4

22 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1956, Gordon & MacPhail, 40%, B: 2003. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Smoky, slightly peaty, fruity, sweet, on plums, tangerine, orange, guava, papaya, leather and some violet.

Taste: Dry, slightly rubbery, fruity, slightly soapy, tannic, on orange and papaya, with quite some wood smoke. The finish is medium to long, dry, slightly woody, fruity, quite syrupy and on brambleberries marmalade.

General impression: A very nice Glen Grant, with some limited woodiness for its age, but pleasant and rich.

Rating: 16/20 FP:H3

21 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1957, Gordon & MacPhail, 40%, B: 2002. Price:

Colour: Amber.

Nose: Slightly earthy and humic, peaty, slightly rubbery, on raspberries and peat smoke. Drier and more robust than the 1956.

Taste: Dry, soapy, slightly rubbery, with some saw dust, on orange, tangerine and some peat smoke. The finish is medium, waxy, slightly soapy, dry, fruity and on raspberries.

General impression: A nice Glen Grant, with strong berries flavours and slightly less tannic than the 1956.  The nose is however a bit close.

Rating: 15/20 FP:F3

20 Jun 2009

Inchgower Manager’s Dram, 13 YO, OB, 58.9%, B: 2007. Price: N. A.

Colour: Old gold-amber.

Nose: Nice sherry nose, intense, rich spiciness, maritime, peated, on iodine, cinnamon powder, honey and cardamom.

Taste: Spicy, peppery, salty, hot, maritime, peaty and on tobacco smoke. Complex. Diluted, it becomes a garden of spices, very good! The finish is medium to long, with a lots of spices, cloves, cinnamon, peat, salt, smoke and some honey.

General Impression: A remarquable Inchgower, powerful, intense, and complex. A pleasure to drink.

Rating: 17/20 FP: I5

19 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1990 The Ultimate, 17 YO, Van Wees, 46%, B: 2008, cask 7120. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Earthy, on humus, old cigar smoke, wet tobacco leaves, orange, tangerine and some berries.

Taste: Quite soapy, slightly bitter, earthy, on geranium, bitter orange, strawberries and raspberries. The finish is medium, bitter, on toffee and camomile.

General Impression: A rather smoky and earthy Glen Grant.

Rating: 12/20 FP:F3

18 Jun 2009

Glen Grant Single Cask 1992, 15 YO, OB, 59.4%, B: 2007, cask 17163,  378 bottles. Price:

Colour: Gold.

Nose: Quite earthy, malty, on mild spices, humus, red fruits, and tangerine. Much closer to the old bottlings of Glen Grant by Gordon & MacPhail.

Taste: Spicy, slightly salty and bitter, intense, hot, floral, oaky, on fudge, camomile and blackcurrant, with some pear. The finish is medium to long, malty, clean and on pear.

General Impression: More complex than the two younger OB expressions of Glen Grant. This Glen Grant is surprisingly fresh, light and zesty for its age.

Rating: 13/20 FP: D1

16 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 50 YO, Gordon & MacPhail, 40%, B: 2008. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Very fruity, floral, lots of wild berries, and with some peat smoke.

Taste: Dry, spicy, very fruity (peach, tangerine, melon and orange), sweet, and juicy. with some wild strawberries and raspberries. The woodiness is quite well contained. The finish is medium, dry, tannic, slightly bitter and on toffee. Diluted, it becomes more woody.

General impression: A very good Glen Grant, nicely fruity.

Rating: 16/20 FP:H3

13 Jun 2009

Caol Ila 1996 European Oak for Feis Ile 2009, 12 YO, OB, 58%, B: 2009, cask 19313. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Sharp, clean, peaty, on cold ashes. Quite close, even when diluted.

Taste: Sweet, very salty, tarry, fruity, on pineapple, pink grapefruit, with some orange and on cold ashes. The finish is medium to long, maritime, peaty, quite sweet, on orange, candied pineapples and orange.

General Impression: A very sweet Caol Ila, clean, fruity and with some cold ashes. It is very drinkable but suffers from the comparison with the Lagavulin.

Rating: 16/20 FP: F8

11 Jun 2009

Lagavulin 1995 Feis Ile 2009, 13 YO, OB, 54.4%, B: 2009, cask 4556. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Very complex, with a beautiful mixture of peat, fruit and sherry. Very peaty, sweet, on tangerine, mango, seaweeds and old bold peat smoke.

Taste: Very peaty and maritime, salty, slightly tarry, sweet, juicy, well rounded, on peach, mango and tangerine, as well as some vanilla. The finish is long, peaty, maritime, very fruity (peach and mango), round, with a long peaty retro-olfaction.

General Impression: As previously, Iain selected a fine cask for the Feis Ile. This version is fruiter than the previous ones.

Rating: 17/20 FP:E9

10 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1968 Lonach, 38 YO, Duncan Taylor, 51.7%, B: 2008. Price:

Colour: Old gold,

Nose: Peaty, floral, dry, on pollen, with some fruity flavours, on exotic fruits and banana.

Taste: Spicy, light, floral, bitter, smoky, dry, on tobacco leaves, leather, tropical fruits and banana. The finish is long very dry, bitter, peaty, with some fruity notes.

General Impression: A good Glen Grant, but becoming dry and woody.
Rating: 14/20 FP:D4

08 Jun 2009

Glen Grant, NAS, OB, 40%, B: 2007. Price:

Colour: Straw.

Nose: Malty, on heather, toffee, mild spices, mushrooms and some light schnapps flavours.

Taste: Light, malty, soapy, bitter, with some gentian. The finish is short to medium, fierce, bitter, dry, on caramel and walnuts.

General Impression: For an app. 5 years old whisky, the nose is rather pleasant, but the rest lacks some maturity and roundness. Pricewise, it is difficult to find a cheaper single malt.

Rating: 09/20 FP: C1

05 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 10 YO, OB, B: 2008, 43% Price:

Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: The nose reminds me strongly of warm hand-made "Kanel Bulle" (Cinnamon buns). Very floral.

Taste:  Malty, crispy, very floral, perfumy, with some fruitiness, candy floss and liquorice. The finish is medium, clean, malty and on fudge at the end.

General Impression: Very different from the NAS, smoother and more floral.

Rating: 10/20 FP: B1

03 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1991 9.42 16 YO, SMWS, 57.8%, 251 bottles. Price:

Colour: Straw

Nose: Smoky, floral, fragrant, light, on vanilla, with some peach and tangerine. Rounder and fruitier than the 9.41

Taste: Light, a bit thin, fresh, very floral, spirity, with some toffee, rather bitter and rough. The finish is medium, floral, rough, oaky, and on sawdust.

General Impression: Slightly rounder than the 9.41, otherwise, very similar.

Rating: 09/20 FP: A3

01 Jun 2009

Glen Grant 1991 9.41, 16 YO, SMWS, 54%, 245 bottles. Price:

Colour: straw

Nose: Fresh, light, oaky, lots of vanilla, spirity, floral, with some smokiness and pollen. Diluted, it becomes more floral.

Taste: Soft, spicy, very oaky, hot, bitter, floral, with the smokiness coming progressively through, with some expresso flavours. The finish is medium to long, oaky, dry, and bitter, with a mixture of violet and sawdust.

General Impression: A rather rough Glen Grant, with a strong wood presence and bitte-floral notes. The SMWS was "deceptive" and it qualifies the whisky well.

Rating: 09/20 FP: A3


29 May 2009
Special Limburg 2009

Glen Grant NAS (no age specified), OB, 70° Proof, Price: N.A.

Colour: Gold

Nose: Smoky, peaty, sweet, on juicy malt, with some floral notes.

Taste: Soft, sweet, mellow, peaty, slightly floral, with some heather honey. The finish is medium to long, slightly bitter, floral, on peat smoke, a touch of caramel and with a nice maltiness.

General Impression: Surprisingly peaty compared to current bottling, this is a very pleasant whisky, very enjoyable. Thank you Joe.

Rating: 15/20 FP: C5

27 May 2009
Special Limburg 2009

Glen Grant 1972 The Whisky Fair, 36 YO, Duncan Taylor, 56.3%, B: 2009, 209 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold-amber.

Nose: Very fruity, sweet, round, with some peat smoke, on tangerine, orange, quince and mango and some floral notes in the background. With water, notes of green fruits can be nosed.

Taste: A bit dry and tannic, syrupy, on old peat smoke, fruit marmalade, with some quince, berries, tangerine, orange and papaya. The finish is medium to long, dry, tannic, on leather, old furniture, slightly humic, with notes of tangerine and papaya.

General Impression:  A most enjoyable Glen Grant, although it starts to get woody.

Rating: 15/20 FP: F4

26 May 2009

Glen Grant 1969, 35 YO, Berry Bros & Rudd, B: 2004, 46%. Price:

Colour: Dark amber

Nose: Very rich, on berries (black- and redcurrant), followed by an intense fruitiness (peach, pineapples and mango). A beautiful nose, rich and harmonious.

Taste: Very dry, spicy (white pepper), bitter, rubbery, on toffee, berries, some peat smoke and dark chocolate.  Quite thick. The finish is thick and winey, on toffee, with some bitterness and quite short.

General Impression: A surprising whisky, with a stunning nose, but with a rather dry and bitter taste. If only the taste could have matched the nose.

Rating: 15/20

23 May 2009

Glen Grant 1958, Gordon & MacPhail, 40%, B:2006. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Very round, mellow, on peat smoke, leather, plums, mango, guava, and passion fruits. Very nice.

Taste: Quite peaty, malty, sweet, on milk chocolate, tangerine, leather, some nice tannins, orange, heather, plums and bitter coffee. The finish is medium, round, on peat smoke, juicy malt, chocolate and brambleberries.

General Impression: A venerable Glen Grant, very round, quite peaty and on chocolate. The flavours are intense and without any woodiness. It is bottled at 40%, but it is excellent!

Rating: 17/20

21 May 2009

Glendronach 33 YO, OB, 40%, D: 1971 Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Peaty, mineral, sherried, on old leather, tannins, old wood smoke, red fruits and cinnamon powder.

Taste: Surprisingly fruity, on red fruits (cranberries, cherries and strawberries), home made fudge, some peat smoke and burnt sugar, with a slight woodiness and cinnamon powder. The finish is short to medium, sweet, fruity, with some bold peat smoke.

General Impression: A very good Glendronach, surprisingly fruity which might have benefited from some extra %ABV (43 or 46%), since it is a bit thin with 40 %. As mentioned to me by the new owner, Billy Walker, the future released will be at least 43% if not 46%. Very good news !

Rating: 15/20 FP:H5

19 May 2009

Glendronach 8 YO, OB, 45.4%, D: 1973. Price: N.A.

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Malty, smooth and juicy, sweet, on pollen and a hint of peat.

Taste: The attack is rather dry and bitter, then is becomes quite smoky and spicy, on tannins, caramel and berries. The finish is long, dry, bitter, slightly tannic and on cranberries.

General Impression: More intense, spicier and dryier than the 8 YO Teacher’s.

Rating: 14/20 FP: D5

17 May 2009

Glendronach 1975 Mission IV, 23 YO, Murray McDavid, 46%, B: 1998. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Quite mineral, on cold ashes, sweet and fruity, slightly rubbery, smooth and round, on orange and tangerine.

Taste: On juicy malt, sweet, peaty, spicy, intense, rubbery, with a touch of maple syrup and some tannins and strawberries. The finish is long, very nice, sherried, and quite fruity.

General Impression: An old and venerable Glendronach, which has kept all its vitality.

Rating: 16/20 FP: G5

15 May 2009

Glendronach 1977, Signatory, 47.5%, B: 2005, cask 3720, 147 bottles. Price:

Colour: Gold –old gold.

Nose: Quite clean and floral, gristy, on pollen, with some mineral flavours. Fresh.

Taste: Spicy to very spicy, floral, on peat smoke, pollen, and vanilla. Intense, soft and very smooth. With water, it becomes very pleasantly sweet. The finish is medium, smooth and fsoft, on dry peat smoke and blueberries.

General Impression: A surprisingly smooth Glendronach, quite easy to drink and improves with some water.

Rating: 14/20 FP: D5

14 May 2009

Laphroaig 1991, 17 YO, Cadenhead's, 52.7%, B: 2008, 206 bottles. Price:

Colourg: Gold

Nose: Subtle, quite floral, maritime, on wood smoke and peat.

Taste: Very peaty and smoky, floral, on camphor, grapefruit, seaweeds, TCP, disinfectant and some liquorice root. The finish is long, peaty, subtle, maritime, and on iodine.

General Impression: A very nice and subtle Laphroaig, complex and very enjoyable.

Rating: 16/20 FP: B7

12 May 2009

Laphroaig 15 YO for Cinzano, OB, 43%, B: 1980s, Price: N.A.

Colour: Gold-old gold.

Nose: Very nice and sweet sherry nose, on orange marmalade, tangerine, cooked apples, peat and pink grapefruit.

Taste: Very salty, slightly humic and earthy, peaty, mineral, slightly bitter and spicy, dry, on seaweeds, old cigarette smoke, and some tangerine. The finish is very long, slightly tannic, bitter, slightly mineral, peaty, smoky, on old cigarette smoke and liquorice root.

General Impression: Don't even try to compare this 15 YO Laphroaig with the current bottlings. It is almost a world apart. Quite sherried, with a nice bold peatiness and more complexity. Simply excellent.

Rating: 19/20 FP: E8

10 May 2009

Laphroaig 1993, 12 YO, Signatory, 58.1%, cask 3477. Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: Quite sweet, fruity, with some nice floral note and quite some smokiness.

Taste: Citric, fruity, peaty, maritime, with some oakiness and seaweeds. The finish is long, sweet, fruity, oaky, peaty, salty and maritime.

General Impression: A round and sweet Laphroaig, with a nice balance and slightly less peaty than ususal.

Rating: 15/20 FP: B7

08 May 2009

Laphroaig 1994 OMC, 13 YO, Douglas Laing, B: 2007, ref 3973, 370 bottles. Price:

Colour: Pale gold

Nose: Floral, light, clean and peaty, on liquid caramel and violet.

Taste: Soapy, floral, citric, peaty, with some caramel. The finish is medium to long, dry, peaty, citric, clean, on caramel and lichen candy.

General Impression: The finish is very pleasant, but on the nose and palate, the flavour profile is quite atypical.

Rating: 12/20 FP: B8

06 May 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Laphroaig 1990, 17 YO, Signatory, 56.3%, B: 2008, Cask 08/303, 208 bottles. Price:

Colour: Gold

Nose: Very round, maritime, on iodine, seaweeds, and some heather.

Taste: Oaky, peaty, citric, floral, with some heather and caramel. The finish is medium, slightly bitter and dry, peaty, on tobacco leaves, liquorice root, tar and some smoked fish.

General Impression: A nice and round Laphroaig.

Rating: 16/20 FP: C8

05 May 2009

Laphroaig 1987 OMC, 21 YO, Douglas Laing, 50%, B: 2009, cask 4855. Price:

Colour: Old gold-amber

Nose: Rich, smoky, on old leather, some sulphur, iodine and tar.

Taste: Rich, smooth, quite round and sweet, very peaty spicy, on pineapples, with a nice maritime influence. Full bodied. The finish is long, round, peaty, maritime, in pineapples, with some tangerine.

General Impression: One of the best recent Laphroaig, from a refill cask, sweet and dangerously drinkable.

Rating: 18/20 FP:F7

03 May 2009

Laphroaig 1991 29.65, 16 YO, SMWS, 56%, B: 2008, 584 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold

Nose: Smoky, farmy, peaty, maritime, intense, and with some diesel smoke.

Taste: Spicy, oaky, peaty, on seaweeds, seashells, honey and some fruitiness. The finish is long, very peaty, slightly bitter, oaky, and on liquorice root.

General Impression: A very nice, sweet and rich Laphroaig, from a refill sherry cask.

Rating: 16/20 FP: C8

30 Apr 2009

Laphroaig Triplewood, OB, 48%, B: 2009. Price

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Smoky, peaty, on smoked ham, TCP and seashells.

Taste: Oaky maritime, smoky, on seaweeds and a lot of liquorice root. Diluted, it becomes more maritime and on caramel. The finish is medium to long, oaky, smoky, with some sweetness and fruitiness.

General Impression: A nicely balanced Lahproaig, rich, intense and round, with quite some smokiness. Richer than the quarter cask and more complex.

Rating: 14/20 FP: E8

29 Apr 2009

Special Limburg 2009

Laphroaig 18 YO, OB, 48%, B: 2009. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Maritime, smoky, with some iodine, seaweeds and some peat.

Taste: Dry, bitter, quite oaky, then it becomes smokier, saltier, more maritime and on smokes fish. The finish is medium to long, dry, bitter, maritime, on liquorice root.

General Impression: A correct Laphroaig with a strong presence of first fill bourbon cask, as well as with a rather strong bitterness. Not an easy whisky.

Rating: 13/20 FP:B8

28 Apr 2009

Special Limburg 2009

Tomatin 1965, 43 YO, The Whisky Fair, 48.1%, B:2009, 120 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold - amber.

Nose: Starts on old bold smoke, then comes a mixture of sweet and candied fruits (banana, passion fruits and mango), with some spiciness. The nose is quite thick and intense. Diluted, it becomes lighter and fruitier.

Taste: Sweet, sugary, spicy, with some citric and bitter pineapple, then it becomes more smoky, slightly bitter and tannic. Diluted, it becomes lighter, thinner, but also fruitier. The finish is medium to long, tannic, slightly bitter, smoky, with some fruitiness.

General Impression: A good and old venerable Tomatin, with a very nice nose. The wood is present, but not to dominating.

Rating: 15/20 FP:F4

25Apr 2009

Glendronach 8 YO “Teacher’s”, OB, 40%, B: 1980s. Price: N.A.

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Sweet, slightly peaty and mineral, on juicy malt and some tangerine.

Taste: Slightly soapy and peaty, spicy, juicy, on caramel and smoke. The finish is medium, slightly bitter and dry, spicy, slightly peaty, on caramel and tangerine.

General impression: A good, smooth and sweet whisky.

Rating: 13/20 FP:D4


22 Apr 2009

Bruichladdich Octomore 01.1, 5 YO, OB, 63.5%, B: 2008. Price:

Colour: Pale gold.

Nose: Very peaty, tarry, mineral, and on pear.

Taste: Dry, very peaty, on grilled bread, peach and grapefruit. The finish is long, tarry, slightly oaky, and on grilled bread.

General Impression: A very peaty and tarry Octomore (131 ppm), with a maturity more present than on the Future release. The peat is very present, but beside it, not much else is present. A few extra years of maturations might help to bring more flavours. Thank you Markus.

Rating: 13/20 FP: A9

20 Apr 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Strathisla 1967 Peerless, 41 YO, Duncan Taylor, 55.5%, B: 2008, cask 2717. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: A fruit basket, with quite some smokiness. On guava, papaya, passion fruits, tangerine, banana and orange. Mellow.

Taste: Very fruity (strawberries, banana, guava), very smooth, wood and tannic, syrupy, with some smokiness. The attack is very pleasant and creamy, but then the wood starts to be noticeable. Diluted, it becomes more on toffee. The finish is medium to long, creamy, mellow, very fruity, on strawberries and cranberries,

General Impression: An excellent, mellow and fruity Strathisla, one of the best of the serie. In spite of its impressive 55.5! it can be drunk without water.

Rating: 17/20 FP: E4

18 Apr 2009

Karuizawa 1986, 22 YO, OB, 60.7%, B: 2008, cask 7387. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Fragrant, on exotic wood, plums, sweet and round sherry, on rosewater and peat smoke.

Taste: Dry, bitter, hot, rough, on plums and soja sauce, wood dust and rosewater. The finish is dry, bitter, a bit rough, on exotic wood, with some spiciness and plums sauce.

General Impression: The nose is very nice, but in the mouth, the wood and its astringency are quite noticeable.

Rating: 12/20 FP: E3

17 Apr 2009

Karuizawa 1971, 36 YO, OB, 64.1%, B: 2008, Cask 6878, Price:

Colour: Amber.

Nose: Very intense nose, peaty, round and sweet, on raisin, plums, old leather, oranges and some beeswax.

Taste: Slightly dry, juicy, complex, spicy, on plums, leather, peat smoke, a hint of berries with some pleasant tannins and exotic wood flavours. The finish is long, peaty, syrupy, thick, lingering, with a nice tannic and exotic wood influence.

General Impression: A superb Karuizawa, with a delicious balance between the peat and the sherry.

Rating: 19/20

14 Apr 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Karuizawa 1977 Noh for La Maison du Whisky, 30 YO, OB, 62.8%, B: 2008, cask 7026, 528 bottles. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Very fragrant, rich, on exotic wood, some leather, peat smoke, orange, and tangerine.

Taste: Spicy, woody, tannic, on peat smoke, leather, orange, tangerine, soy bean sauce and apricots. The finish is long, dry, bitter, tannic, on plums and soy bean sauce, sandalwood, “cachous”, and sandalwood. Diluted, it becomes slightly soapy.

General Impression: A nice heavily sherried Karuizawa, slightly woody and tannic, but very enjoyable.

Rating: 16/20 FP: I3

10 Apr 2009

Karuizawa 1988, refill sherry, 19 YO, The Whiskyfair, 58.3%, B: 2007, 480 b. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Nicely peated, sweet, fruity, on tangerine, orange, honey, with a hint of lilac.

Taste:  Oaky, salty, on safran, freshly crush malt, with some sweet tangerine and orange flavours. Diluted, it becomes more bitter and on liquorice root. The finish is medium, on exotic wood, honey, and round peat smoke.

General Impression: A nice Karuizawa, without the rubbery notes of its first-fill sherry brother.

Rating: 14/20 FP: E4


09 Apr 2009

Karuizawa 1988 1st fill sherry, 19 YO, The Whisky Fair, 60.6%, B: 2007, 462 b. Price:

Colour: Amber.

Nose: Very fresh and floral, slightly peaty, on pollen, jonquils and orange.

Taste: Rubbery, sulphury, salty, dry, woody, oaky, on dried orange and perfume. The finish is long, sulphury, very dry, bitter, tannic and on burnt wood.

General Impression: From an active sherry cask, with a strong rubbery-sulphury influence.

Rating: 13/20 FP: J4

07 Apr 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Karuizawa 1972, 36 YO, Number One Drinks, 65.0%, B: 2008, cask 7290, 528 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Smooth, complex, on peat smoke, rosewater, sandalwood, and tangerine. Very elegant.

Taste: Peaty and smoky, smooth, with some plums, orange, and tangerine. Very rich, then it becomes more fruity (guava and papaya), as well as slightly more woody and bitter. The finish is long, dry, tannic, woody and on red berries.

General Impression: A very good Karuizawa, smooth and subtle, and a tad tannic as well.

Rating: 16/20 FP: F4

04 Apr 2009

Glendronach 12 YO, 40%, OB: B: 2005. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Some bitter caramel, sweet, fruity, with some fresh rubber, on orange and tangerine.

Taste: Spicy, fruity, round, slightly rubbery, with some bitter caramel, a hint of lemon and on red berries. The finish is medium, quite spicy, with some salted peat smoke, fresh rubber and some berries.

General Impression: A nice and sweet whisky, with a pleasant sherry influence and quite round. A good daily dram.

Rating: 12/20 FP: D3

02 Apr 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Glendronach 18 YO Allardice, 46%, OB, B: 2009. Price:

Colour: Amber

Nose: Rich, complex, with some peat smoke, blackcurrant and other berries on top of a nice sherry round influence. More complex and subtle than the 15 YO.

Taste: Rich and complex, intense, on spices, cocoa, berries, top quality rubber, juicy orange, tangerine, leather and some tannin. The finish is long, round, mouth coating, spicy, with some tannins, oranges, tangerine, blueberries and top grade rubber.

General Impression: An excellent whisky, with a superb sherry influence. Warning: Sherry lovers, it might be addictive.

Rating: 17/20 FP: I4

01 Apr 2009

Special Whisky Schiff 2009

Springbank 18 YO, OB, 46%, B: 2009, 7800 bottles. Price:

Colour: Old gold.

Nose: Smoky, maritime, fruity, on vanilla, caramel, tangerine, orange and guava.

Taste: Sweet, smoky, peaty, salty, fruity, on coconut, pineapples, tangerine, guava, seaweeds. Rather complex and very drinkable. The finish is long, sweet, satisfying, fruity, maritime, with some peat and a slight touch of rubber.

General Impression: A very good Springbank, reminding of the old Springbank style, with a nice sweetness. One of the best Springbank of these last years. Composed of 80% sherry and 20%, I suppose that mainly refill sherry casks were selected.

Rating: 17/20 FP E4


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