The first month of birth

This site web, www.whisky-news.com has been launched exactely 1 month ago, on the 16th January 2006. Since then, 692 users consulted my website and browsed through 2103 pages (see Graph 1), with the majority visiting the English pages (66%) than the French pages (34%).

Graph 1: Number of visits and pages between Jan, 16 and Feb, 16, 2006.

Base on the last 100 hits, more than 50% of you are residents of the USA, United Kingdom or France (see Graph 2). More suprising are the users from Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Korea or EAU, indicating that Whisky is a passion shared by people all around the world.

Graph 2: Origin of the last 100 users of www.whisky-news.com

Although the forum has not been used, I hope hearing from you and to get some feedback, so I know in which direction I have to work to improve it. Within the next months, I will keep updating the tasting section on a weekly basis and the distillery section also quite frequently.

I am currently reading A Double Scotch of Paul Pacult and The Science and Technology of Whiskies of Piggott et al. and the summaries will be posted within the next two months. Also in preparation is a report on retail prices of whiskies in Europe (UK, FR, D, AT, CH) and in the US. Forseen end of June 2006 is the report on Feis Ile 2006.

I hope you are enjoying my website and if you have comments, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you and Slainte

P.Brossard ©Feb. 2006