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Whiskyfair Limburg 2009

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The traditional Whiskyfair of Limburg was held this year between April 25 and 26. Limburg is a must have whisky event for all whisky enthusiasts interested in old bottles, with the participation of most whisky “antique” dealers from Italy and Germany. I attended to the fair on Saturday, and as always, a large queue of whisky enthusiasts was waiting for the opening of the doors. The tickets for the tasting sold out within minutes and it would be really nice if they would start pre-selling at least a certain proportion of those tickets.

As always, the atmosphere of Limburg and it was a good opportunity of meeting again whisky enthusiasts from different part of worlds and tasting a lot of old and sought after drams. Prices for the drams were very comparable to previous years, and although the selection of “oldies” seemed to be slightly lower than on the past years, there was still plenty and enough to satisfy even the most difficult whisky enthusiasts. However, concerning the old bottles for sales, the selection seemed to be narrower and the prices are going up (in general about 5-10%, but sometimes considerably more).

Concerning the recent releases, the Ardbeg Supernova could be found in some corners, as well as the new Laphroaig 18 YO, and a large selection of other new releases from independent bottlers, which I skipped, since I had the opportunity to taste a large range of such whiskies at the Whisky Schiff in Lucerne.

Amongst the whisky personalities that I recognized were Anthony Willis (Kilchoman), Ronnie Cox (Glenrothes), Peter Campbell (Diageo Group, Islay) and some others.

Compared to the previous years, I found it easier to move between the stands (less visitors), but I had plenty of fun and after 7 hours spent in the exhibition centre, I enjoyed the quietude of the train journey home.



Patrick ©27 April 2009